Monday, January 24, 2011

Dear world, please mind this pause and the longer one to come

My family has swallowed me up. My time on the computer becomes less and less every day. I am so grateful for the two small babes in my life, but they have eaten me up. My days are filled with diapers, laundry, b00bs, meal planning and lately, snow. And while I know how fortunate I am, these days are also tough. My little man is a bundle of two-year-old-ness. The unfortunate timing of his sisters birth means he is hitting some behavioral bumps at the very moment that I have less of me to give him.

In an effort to oust all those perfect mommy bloggers out there--- our house is mostly ok, but often is crazytown. My little man has come upon the hitting phase, which I was sure he'd never do;) But alas, now that there is a sibling to hit--- he is hitting. I spend my days trying helplessly to protect my infant daughter from her very active, very jealous two year old brother. There seems not a solution in sight. I have read books, asked parents and friends, etc. No one seems to have a good answer and no one seems to remember there own children in this phase. I hope it will pass, and that for me it too will fade into the distance. But for now, I am navigating some unchartered territories. I am happy for many reasons, but sometimes sad that I do not have the time to bask in my new little girls beauty. I suppose we all get to enjoy a relationship with our first that we never have again with the second, third or fourth. Oh the joys of birth order. May each of my little ones benefit from their own position in our family.

It is unrealistic for me to assume I can still use this blog. While we are unsure if our baby-making adventures are through, I do believe that for those of you coming here with a new MA diagnosis-- I have written everything I can here that might be useful to you. If you are here because you were told you have a bicornuate uterus or a uterine septum-- read on. You can find out about my diagnosis, miscarriages and later pregnancies (with complications.) I hope this remains a useful place. But I don't want it to be a parenting blog-- or a place I come to moan about the stresses of motherhood.

For those of you have become my dearest virtual friends over the years-- drop me a line by email or find me on faceb00k. You know who you are;)

Thank you blogosphere for keeping me sane.


Maria Vas said...
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Maria, you can contact me via email-- meredithwar(at) g mail .com