Monday, April 27, 2009

Still alive, kinda...

I don't get sick very often. I save myself for high-drama medical events. But Saturday night I woke up with a terrible sore throat. I hoped it was an allergy, but alas, I spiked a fever about an hour ago and my nose is running like a faucet. I am worried about the boy, worried that I have spread my nasty funk to him. To make matters worse, it has been stupid hot here for days. We're talking well into the 90's... What up global warming!

So DH is upstairs attempting to put the boy down with a bottle of b00by milk. I think it was going well, and them I heard the crib rail fall. Damn thing, when we either of us ever get the hang of it.

Anyhow. I hope he sleeps, because i am just hot, inside and out. And to have his sweaty little body against me is just too much. I need to be well, so I can take care of his cute little butt!

So I did something bad. I started reading this damn book on sleep habits. Ya know, people lived for millions of years with out these little baby guides. But I was a little worried that the boy was not getting enough zzzzz's. His bedtime was getting later and later, and he was waking up later and later, which I hate. So I am holding to it. At least making concerted attempts at 2 solid naps a day. One in the morning, one in the afternoon - and crib only! It seems to be going really well. On the first day his bedtime bumped up to 8pm and wake time to 7am! I am siked. and while everyday will not be perfect, we are making strides.

Did I tell you how much I hate, I dread, I loath the heat? Anything about 70 degrees ad I get pretty cranky. Anything in the 90's and well, you don't want to be near me. It is a constant stream of abscenities and complaints..... Please!!! Make this shitty, swampy-ass, summer-like crap go away!


sara said...

Oh girl I so hear you on the heat. I swear we are kindered spirits. We must have been twins in another life I swear! I am so sorry you're feeling cruddy. I hope it improves soon. I was worried all day today about ya. Lots of hugs, chicken noodles soup and nursey (CRNAy?) love coming your way!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're sick. The boy probably will get a bit sick (unavoidable when you live with people I think!) but should fare better than you because he's getting your breastmilk.

I hate the heat too, just awful.