Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cercalge + Recovery

So the whole procedure was, well, weird. General anesthesia is a no-no in pregnancy, so when you have a cerclage placed you are fully aware and awake. I find operating rooms strange, and have been in many. They are cold, sterile places, as they should be. But they always seem so strangely large as well, which makes you feel even more vulnerable.

I was given a spinal, which was easy. The OR nurses were awesome, supporting and caring. I felt well taken care of. My legs started to get heavy and I was laid back on the table. I was covered in a blow up, heater blanket to keep warm. I was strapped down to the table at the hips and my legs were lifted into the hanging stirrups and draped. The table was tilted back, so my head was lower than my hips. Bright lights were illuminated and my OB went to work.

I had thankfully thought to ask if I was allowed to listen to my (eye)-pod. So as soon as the procedure began I cranked my music and closed my eyes. The whole thing was just too surreal to be present for it. I felt some tugging, pressing and pulling, but no pain. And it was done in a flash. I think I listened to less than 2 songs.

It took a long time for my feeling to come back in my legs. I spent hours in recovery gorging on crackers and juice. I was starved. About 5pm I finally made it to the bathroom and peed - which ok'ed my discharge. I was bleeding, though not bad.

I spotted on and off for the next 24 hours and had some pretty severe cramping for the 12 hours following the placement. What I did not expect was to get the dreaded spinal headache about 36 hours after anesthesia. I actually think mine was not as bad as it could have been. But the worst part was that I felt ok laying down, and felt like hell if I stood or sat up. So while I tried my best to not be confined to bed, it was really my only option for the following 3 days. What a drag. Upside? I did not change a diaper for 4 days! It was glorious!

A week following the cerlage placement I had a follow up with the Peri's and then my OB. The stitch looks great and my cervix is long and firm - though I wouldn't expect anything different at 13 weeks. I will be seeing the Peri's every other week and my Ob every other week - so an appointment every week. I feel good about the monitoring. My OB, in particular, is feeling really optimistic for me not seeing too much bedrest-- but I think he's nuts. Only time will tell.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Coming out...

I am 12 weeks pregnant. But I know my good fortune can be a bitter pill for others. So I waited and waited, not quite knowing what to say, how to say it. An unimaginable number of my real world friends are in the TTC cue, and I know how much it hurts to hear someone cut in front of you. So while, of course we are happy, we've pretty much kept it to ourselves.

It also wouldn't be me if there was not drama. I had a lot of bleeding early on. Once that subsided I enjoyed a long stretch of non-barfing nausea. But superior to last time around where I wretched for weeks on end.

I had my cerclage placed 2 days ago. Bleeding and cramping has subsided, but I am just now getting a headache, I think from the spinal. Hopeful I am back to normal and up and about by tomorrow.

Chances are high I have a long stretch of bedrest in my future, complicated by a frisky toddler and a husband who will be spending a large part of the summer and fall in Europe. So me and the little dude will camp out with various family members and beg for their help and patience.

I don't know if anyone even comes here to read anymore. Nor can I predict how much I will be writing. But I like the idea of sharing my experience again -- especially since my IC is known and will be treated with a cerclage and P17 shots this time around. If my experience can be a resource for anyone with similar issues - then that something...