Saturday, June 19, 2010

All's well on the cervical front...

The past few weeks have been, well, full. We sold our house. Our mortgage for the new house collapsed. The mortgage was revived from the dead. We closed and went straight to the airport to send DH off to Europe for work for nearly two weeks.

In his absence the boy got sick, so I was pretty home bound. And with the cerclage and previa I am not allowed to lift. So unpacking has been impossible.

Then my laptop died. Ugh. Then it got fixed! For free!

Finally I had a peri/OB combo day yesterday with lots of excitement. First, my length is holding out great. In the 3.9 range. Then I found out that the Previa had already clear the cervix by 3 cm! That is one fast moving placenta! THEN, I found our we are having a girl! Holy Sh*t! I thought for sure I was going to remain a woman surrounded by boys! But I was proved so wrong! No boy parts in there. Finally, I ran over to the OB's office and got my first 17P injection. For those of you who don't know, 17P is a shot of progesterone given weekly to "calm" an irritable uterus-- of which I have one:) The shot goes deep into the muscle and the fluid its thick-- so it takes a while to go in. My husband has to learn how to give it to me, but I am not so sure about all that. I'll be on it from 17-36 week.

All is good here. I still feel like I am just waiting for the shit to hit the fan-- but trying to enjoy life on my feet. Hope all is well for all of you out in blogland.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


It wouldn't be me if my body did not decide to throw something else into the mix. I went in for my 15 week u/s cervical cerclage check and found out I have a placenta previa. I have had about a million ultrasounds, so when the tech pointed it out, it was clear to me that only a small portion of the placenta is touching the cervix. So I feel hopeful that it will resolve itself. That said, if it doesn't migrate and my cervix starts to funnel, I am expecting a lot of drama... and blood.

I am handling it pretty well. Probably because it is still early and it looks pretty marginal. We'll see.

Cervix and stitch look fine. 3.4 cm and holding.