Friday, August 27, 2010

27+3 - all is good.

It has been 2 weeks since my cervical length dropped and I spent the day in triage. It has been really quiet. Not that my cervix would grace me with a PSA on its activities...

I had my last u/s at the 2 week interval. I don't go back for a month. Amazingly, I measure 3.0! I am just in shock and feel like I just won my freedom! I know I still have to take it easy, and the shit could still hit the fan, but I think the chances are quite good that I may stand up for this whole pregnancy. It really just means that I am going to have to buy some fall/winter maternity cloths that aren't sweats;) Kind of a bummer since we are on a tight budget, but whatever.

I might just be one of the luckiest ladies on the planet. So. Freaking. Awesome.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Back at triage just briefly today to get my second round of steroids. What a difference. Yesterday's nurse came at me with that needle like she was in a fencing match. She never swabbed my arse with alcohol, she gave no warning. It hurt like hell.

Today's nurse rocked. I don't know what she did. It was like she was tapping my butt the whole time and she had me take two deep breaths. I never even realized the needle went in. All the sudden... Done. Some nurses are just super awesome at what they do. She was and I told her so.

Anyhow. A shot, a half hour on the monitor and I was out of there. Still having small runs of contractions. Nighttime seems to be the worst-- probably because of hydration.

Anyhow, here is a pic of my old friends. How I dread these damn machines. And do they really need to be on so damn tight? Ouch.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Let the games begin.

25+3 day today. Last cervical U/S was 2 weeks ago. Had a lot of action the last two weeks. Nothing worth a call to the doctor--but lots of contractions and bits of bleeding here and there. I knew something was up.

So I was prepared for some bad news at my U/S today. When the tech first put the wand in, we both looked at the screen baffled. Where the hell is it? Where is my cervix? Not a good sign. We finally found it went the stitch became visible. That bugger dropped from 3.9 to 2.7-- which all in all, is not terrible. But not great either. Just to show off I had a contraction during the exam so the other measurements were even shorter. Gasp.

While the Peri's usually just get a call I get a report back fron the tech-- this time I got to see the Dr. They are like the Wizard 0f 0z only stepping out from behind the curtain when necessary. My misbehaving, show-off ute landed me in triage. Nice.

After countless trips there carrying the D-man, it is annoyingly familiar. The smells, the sounds, the equipment. They kept me for about 3 hours at which time I had NO contractions, gave me a steroid shot in the arse and sent me home. I have to go back tomorrow for another shot. I was not ordered on bedrest, but am supposed to take it easy. No heavy lifting. Not too much up and down the steps, whatever, whatever-- I know the drill.

I guess there is one thing I really can count on. My cervix is bunk.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hopefully just a blip....

I was already nervous about this week. I am 24+3 and it is an OB-only, non-ultrasound week. I have been contracting a little. But nothing regular or painful.

So I had a speculum exam and my OB discovered some bleeding around the stitch. It was not enough to even cause a discharge. He applied a solution-- um, which I foolishly forgot to ask the purpose. My assumption would be it is a kind of antiseptic to keep away infection. He felt, from the manual exam, that I seemed to be holding up otherwise.

So my instructions are the usual. Call with bleeding or more than 6 contractions and hour. I am a little unnerved, but trying to hold it together. I have 1 week to go till another u/s. I am just going to try to take it easy.