Friday, August 27, 2010

27+3 - all is good.

It has been 2 weeks since my cervical length dropped and I spent the day in triage. It has been really quiet. Not that my cervix would grace me with a PSA on its activities...

I had my last u/s at the 2 week interval. I don't go back for a month. Amazingly, I measure 3.0! I am just in shock and feel like I just won my freedom! I know I still have to take it easy, and the shit could still hit the fan, but I think the chances are quite good that I may stand up for this whole pregnancy. It really just means that I am going to have to buy some fall/winter maternity cloths that aren't sweats;) Kind of a bummer since we are on a tight budget, but whatever.

I might just be one of the luckiest ladies on the planet. So. Freaking. Awesome.


jenn said...

YAY!!!! So glad all's well on the ute front. :)
If you need anything I just got a big bag of my stuff back from a friend. Not sure how much is fall/winter- but my babe was born in April so there should be something in there! Shoot me an e-mail or comment & let me know- I'm happy to share!

Mel said...

So.Freaking.Happy for you, lady! :) Continuing to send positive vibes your way. *hugs*