Friday, August 13, 2010

Let the games begin.

25+3 day today. Last cervical U/S was 2 weeks ago. Had a lot of action the last two weeks. Nothing worth a call to the doctor--but lots of contractions and bits of bleeding here and there. I knew something was up.

So I was prepared for some bad news at my U/S today. When the tech first put the wand in, we both looked at the screen baffled. Where the hell is it? Where is my cervix? Not a good sign. We finally found it went the stitch became visible. That bugger dropped from 3.9 to 2.7-- which all in all, is not terrible. But not great either. Just to show off I had a contraction during the exam so the other measurements were even shorter. Gasp.

While the Peri's usually just get a call I get a report back fron the tech-- this time I got to see the Dr. They are like the Wizard 0f 0z only stepping out from behind the curtain when necessary. My misbehaving, show-off ute landed me in triage. Nice.

After countless trips there carrying the D-man, it is annoyingly familiar. The smells, the sounds, the equipment. They kept me for about 3 hours at which time I had NO contractions, gave me a steroid shot in the arse and sent me home. I have to go back tomorrow for another shot. I was not ordered on bedrest, but am supposed to take it easy. No heavy lifting. Not too much up and down the steps, whatever, whatever-- I know the drill.

I guess there is one thing I really can count on. My cervix is bunk.


sara said...

Cervix oh cervix why are you misbehaving for my good friend M? Don't you know cervix that you're supposed to behave?

Meredith I'm so sorry you had to go through this stress today. And I'm sorry you had to hear those words that can make your heart drop like a pit into your stomach, "take it easy, no extra activity..."

I'm here thinking about you girl, and hoping that the weeks ahead are good ones. Hope your shot in the butt goes well tomorrow, and that that trip is the only trip you make to the office for quite some time.


sara said...

Just had another thought..Today is Friday the 13th. Do you think your kid just has a sick sense of humor and is playing a little practical joke by tugging on your cervical length? Regardless, I will send them a message to knock it off, ok?


May said...

Well, crap. Cervices are pesky little buggers, aren't they?

Keep it up, girl. You'll get through this!

K77 said...

Shit. I was so sure it'd be different this time.

I love that you used the word "arse" though.

I want to go with Sara's Fri 13th theory.

the moore family said...

Oh geesh, M. What is it with wimpy cervixes?! I'll keep you in my thoughts! XO

Bmarie99 said...

Hang in there! My cervix has been holding at 2.7 since 23wks, and I'm closing in on 27wks! No Bedrest for me either same drill of no heavy lifting etc.
Hang in there!



admin said...

Thanks for you encouraging words, Brandee! And for stopping in!