Thursday, June 3, 2010


It wouldn't be me if my body did not decide to throw something else into the mix. I went in for my 15 week u/s cervical cerclage check and found out I have a placenta previa. I have had about a million ultrasounds, so when the tech pointed it out, it was clear to me that only a small portion of the placenta is touching the cervix. So I feel hopeful that it will resolve itself. That said, if it doesn't migrate and my cervix starts to funnel, I am expecting a lot of drama... and blood.

I am handling it pretty well. Probably because it is still early and it looks pretty marginal. We'll see.

Cervix and stitch look fine. 3.4 cm and holding.


Jenae Freed said...

Congratulations dear! I'll be thinking about you all over the next few weeks. As i am sure everyone is telling you, Hang in there and TAKE IT EASY!

K77 said...

Sounds like it's just low-lying and should resolve. Hoping so for you!

sara said...

I'm hoping you kick that previa in the butt and tell it to mmmooovvveee on is not welcome in this uterus! But are behaving. You get an A+ for the week. Let's have another good performance next week as well, eh? ((hugs)) from your weirdo uterine twin.