Saturday, March 21, 2009

Post Baby Body

Recovering from bedrest sucks. This is now the second time that I have thrown out my back since D. was born. It it terribly painful. I can barely walk. The chiropractor helped. At least he stretched me out enough so i could walk on my own. I swore I would never eat another meal in bed...... arg.

As for the remaining commentary on my post-pregnancy bod...

I think the average woman would probably reach through the internet to strangle me for saying this, but... I think I need to loose some weight, er something. I have never been someone who thinks a whole lot about my figure. I suppose that is because I have been pretty fortunate. I am of a medium build. I have been blessed with a flat tummy and a slender waist. I have an average sized chest and a big round booty, both of which I have been quite satisfied with.

I had trouble gaining weight during my pregnancy. But in the last 2-3 weeks I really packed it on. Breast feeding was a god-send, helping to peel the pounds off pretty quick. I don't know if I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight. But I do know that compared to some I have been really lucky. My boobs are still pretty huge, despite having shrunk a bit since I gave birth.

But I am sick of wearing ill-fitting maternity shirts. I am also sick of wearing the tight shirts that I used to wear. I am comfortable in neither. Shirts are complicated because they have to work for nursing. It's also nice if they don't get stretched out throughout the day on account of being hiked up all of the time. The boobs and the clothing dilemmas they create are managable.

It is the jeans that are driving me nuts. I don't look bigger, but I feel bigger. I suspect my hips widened during pregnancy and that is the culprit. Buying jeans is never fun, but I feel like now when I try things on I am inside of a totally different body. Nothing fits right and nothing looks good. I feel frumpy, dumpy and gross. I wear the same jeans ever day cuz they are the only ones that even look ok. My favorite jeans from last year, while they fit, are really uncomfortable in the hips and waist.

I just feel like I am trapped in a strangers body. And when I look in the mirror I see a "mom" with a mom-body.... and I hate it. I always felt a little frisky and hot before. Not that I had the greatest body, but I was curvy and cute. Now I feel drippy, saggy, stretchy and loose. Yes, I know, exercise! But I hate exercising and have never had to before..... Arg. Poor me, right.

Go ahead.
Try to smack me from the other side of the interweb.
I deserve it.


Anonymous said...

My baby is nearly 8 months old. I still wear maternity jeans. And maternity tops.

My stomach is a being of it's own.

Frumpy, dumpy and gross pretty much sums up how I am feeling as well.

sara said... still continue to read my mind my twin! You are my mommy twin and my gestational twin! I feel like the loose maternity tops don't fit, but the tighter ones I used to wear with my size A barely B boobs will never fit again either. I bought a bra the other day and I'm a c almost D cup. WTF??? A to D cup? No wonder I feel like you do in a strangers body. Also I don't go anywhere anymore too much so all of my shoes that used to be my "friends" sit rejected in the corner of my basement. Heels and an infant car seat carrying women just seem a bit dangerous. Plus I'm already a clutz, LOL! Well put my twin....well put ((Hugs))

sara said...

Oh yeah...Brynn sends her Aunt M a big hug and smooch!

Meg said...

I can only imagine how it must feel to be in a foreign body. From pregnant to your old self seems slow and sometimes frustrating.

Get the little guy in a Moby and walk, walk walk.

KatieM said...

Oh, I feel ya here. Although my weight itself is fine, I just feel different, I carry my weight differently. Things fit different...I knew I would need a new wardrobe for pregnancy, but this is a whole new ballgame.

Today in fact, I am wearing my bella band around my pants because buttoning the top button just isn't quite comfortable, even though everywhere else is too loose.

jenn said...

I'm sorry about your back- I hope you're feeling better soon!

I am not looking forward to the post-preggy body. Especially since I really can't afford to shop for anything new at all & I am sure that finding a third wardrobe hidden amongst my clothes will be even more of a challenge than outfitting this pregnancy has been.

(but yay for boobs!)