Monday, March 9, 2009

Bligggggity blog

What to do on this very late night
but write on my blog for a bit despite
i am so tired and drained to the bone
cuz the boy has been hanging on my boob since i got home.

the rhythm of this poem has got me down
i decided not to edit even if it makes me frown
it seems best now to mention a few internet friends
some who are triggering and some on the mend

G's ovaries are doing a super job
I am so happy for them I think I might sob.
And Brynn has discovered she loves to nurse
and well, Sara her mom is a nurse!?! (not funny, or rhyming)

And I am happy to say
that I am being so brave
I have bought a ticket on a big ol' airplane
to see my bestest friend
who lives on the the other side of the country.
No drugs to sedate me
cuz i am feeding the boy
i have stopped rhyming all together
cuz i am loosing my mind.

blah blah blah

If you are still reading you are some kind of blogger champ. or just have too much time on your hands. This is where i distract you with pictures of my spawn. Who I love so much that I could just eat him....


Susanna said...

mmmmmm.... i wish i could eat him too, tender morsel. oh wait, I get to!!!! xoxxxoooox

jenn said...

Look at those adorably chubby legs! I love them! He really is beautiful - even if he is the cause of your extreme fatigue. Good luck on the plane- I seem to get more & more nervous about them the older I get, luckily for me I guess I won't be going anywhere anytime soon!

G$ said...

I love him. He is quite possibility the most adorable kid I have ever seen (at least in the last week...) :)

Don't fret about the plane, he will do great. When you land it will be finding a pot of gold!


CTagsGirl said...

M, he is beyond cute. Those shining, mischevious eyes...the full tummy and chubby! I'm at a loss for words. :)

I hope you can relax and enjoy your trip. I'm sure D will be a trooper on the plane. And if not, everyone won't care because he's so damn cute.

sara said...

He is so beautiful! And I love your poem...all that nursing talk and all, LOL! I'll have to pick your brain on how you traveled with the little guy on the plane because J has decided he's bound and determined to travel with Brynn on vacation in the next couple of months. To me it seems overwhelming, but I know people do it. I just need a little advice :-) Hope you're having a great trip!