Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Constant changes

I keep thinking I will write these things down somewhere. But here is still the best place since I have grand plans to bind a babybook but have yet to do it...

End of week 9:
Sucking his thumb
Holding and shaking the rattle
Trying to roll from back to side
Smiles are getting even bigger and more frequent
Better head control but still bobbles
Growing back the hair on the top of his head
Loosing the hair in the back
Stinky farts! (what did I eat?)

The thumbsucking, while I am unsure of how I feel about it, has been a life saver. He can now put himself back to sleep without us having to get up to put the nuk in. So he is only waking at 2am and 6 am for feedings. And sometimes he skips the 6 am. My b00bs feel like they might explode by morning. But we are all enjoying hours of uninterrupted sleep - which is lovely.

I got some patterns for some overalls. I just need to run out for fabric this week. We found that one pieces are much better with the cloth diapers. Pants look uncomfortable... So I am hoping to get more sewing done this weekend:)

More distractions....


G$ said...

His thumbsucking is so adorable, I don't care how you feel about it (long term)!


jenn said...

he is just so cute! isn't it odd how something so adorable & small can create such noxious odors?

sara said...

He is so freakin adorable! And that last photo is so cute with his thumb :-) It's funny what you say about the stinky farts and babies. Brynn and clear a room too :-)