Sunday, July 26, 2009

A year in pics

A year of images. You can see the many U/S images early on. Leading to what looked like a "normal" pregnancy. Then to the hospital and out again. Then comes the little boy.


jenn said...

oh. my. god. That's amazing! I love the belly shots progression & then *boom* here's D! He is one crazy photogenic baby.

Thanks for the tips on teething - she's all about semi-frozen washcloths right now. That & her paci that I keep in the fridge! She's a very 'want to suck' kind of baby. She was up twice last night which stunk, but only once in 11 hours the night before. It's so hit or miss- but good to know we're not alone!
oh- and yet another side note- I am going to be volunteering as receptionist at the barefoot clinic on thursday mornings now- I'm still jobless & can't get paid which works out for everyone, but I can use som non-mommy time every now & then, haha!

sara said...

I loved to see this. Took me down memory lane. What a year, huh?