Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Beers in the afternoon and the epidemic of pregnancy

Yesterday was rough. And since all of my friends are either knocked up, new parents or lame, I decided to treat myself to a burger and a buzz after teaching my morning class (no worries, I did not have to go back to teach:)

MMMMM, Guiness os so good. It sustains me in the winter. I am not a huge beer fan, but the dark stuff is so smooth and delicious. So I had a great lunch, alone-- which I seldom do, but always enjoy. After, I stopped in at a few local boutiuqes and picked up a few x-mas gifts.

One store is a DIY place, handmade stuff and the like. Now that I have decided to ditch all my friends (ill, I hate myself) I have become slightly more gregarious. Even with that, I am still pretty introverted. Regardless, I struck up a conversation with the co-owner of this store. Turns out that we live VERY close to each other and she lives across from this woman that I know, but never really got to cultivate a friendship with. I was siked. Yeah me, some new neighbors, our age without kids! So I asked about M. (the woman we both know) and she says, "Aw, she's great. She just had a baby, like a month ago." And I say, "Wow, I guess I haven't seen her in a while. That is soooo great. Umm, I better go."

It is a freaking epidemic. I have been ambushed. I am totally surrounded. Not only my friends, but my potential friends are already all dirtied up with baby talk. Am going to have to start hanging out with 20 year olds? What does a girl have to do to score some DINK friends?
(DINK = Duel Income, No Kids)


K77 said...

It's everywhere, truly. I think the best you can do is to avoid anyone aged 20-45. That should cover it.

I recommend gay men in their 50's.

Yodasmistress said...

LOL. I've got several distinct and different sets of friends:

1.) The ones who got knocked up young and had a kid but are not with the baby-momma or baby-daddy any more.

2.) The ones who did everything in the right order and now have the house, the job, the kid(s).

3.) The ones who are single and still bar-hopping.

That's it, that's all. Not a single freaking DINK to be had in the bunch. Seriously. I have a few employees of that ilk but I can hardly trounce about with them... and if I did it would be short lived anyway since they are ALL (literally) planning to have a babe in arms before the end of 2008. (I wanted to caution them that it might not be so easy but I didn't, knowing it probably will be.)