Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Post-op appointment was shady - BLURG!

Had my follow up appointment for my septum resection yesterday. It didn't really go as I hoped. So of course now I think that I either forecasted it, or caused it, by my recent feelings of despair.

My RE did an ultrasound. In the former location of the septum there was a big black splotch. She thought it could be a blood clot or residual septum. I am keeping my fingers crossed a clot and hoping I can pass it during my period.

I lost it. Of course.
I talked to my mother later in the day and she was shockingly supportive and understanding. At one point where I was telling her how this is straining my relationships with friends, I said something to the effect, "Well she doesn't have a magic wand shoved up her twat twice a week and get nothing out of it." My mom just took it. She also gave me some really good advise. She said that I need to give myself permission to focus on this right now, having a baby. She said that the job applications can wait. She said that the trip to Egypt can wait. It just felt good to hear someone say it.

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K77 said...

Crap. I'm sorry the results weren't great, and I'm glad your mom was sympathetic.