Sunday, February 17, 2008

About face...

DH had an about face about trying this month. I was still concerned he was not ready and that he conceding to appease me. As a result of all of the emotional shinanigans, I have no idea when I ovulated. I figured we were not trying, and nearly every OPK stick I wizzed on was a dud (what the hell is that about). In the end, I give us a D- for effort this month - but it is still possible. It's just more of a toss up. I am contemplating calling my RE tomorrow to request the progesterone that she had suggested as a precautionary measure following ovulation. Not sure if she will give it to me without documentation of the date of ovulation. Grrrrrr.

Thanks for the few comments on my last post. It is really the first time I felt that kind of stress on our relationship before. I know it is normal. This is just a stressful thing. I think we are back on track though. I am dragging him to the head-shrinker with me next week and see if we can't make a few improvements on our communication. Now that makes me feel grown up = how weird.

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Freyja said...

Nothing like having a therapist to make you feel dementedly adult. :-P