Thursday, May 21, 2009

Seriously siked

Last nights "cry it out" was not so bad. We established a nice routine: get changed, read 2 books, nurse, then into bed. He whaled for about 10 minutes then sacked out. This all by 7:10 pm:) He did wake twice before 8 and cry, but after that he was out. I am still trying to figure out what to do with all the extra free time!

Then this morning, he did a stellar job taking 2 crib naps in the morning and 1 in the afternoon! Huh? Its like the more he sleeps the more he wants to sleep. Rad. I hope this evening goes as smoothly, especially since I am here tooting my horn.

We are also going to start rice cereal today. Last night he helped himself to a fist full of cous cous off of DH's dinner plate. Didn't make it to his mouth, but almost. So he is officially mooching:) Very cute.


Mel said...

Way to go mama! :) I'm taking notes on all of your successes. You should start posting B's "daily tips" or something to that effect for all of us newbies.

And I'm sure you'll find SOMETHING to do with those extra hours!

May said...

Yes, sleep begets sleep. Counterintuitive but very true.

You're in the home stretch now, baby!!!

jenn said...

i was just reading how less daytime sleep = less nighttime sleep. it is strange- isn't it?
good luck tonight- i hope it continues!

Meg said...

I really hope this is a trend and have a blast introducing the baby food. I want details on both how he likes the food and what his cloth diapers look like with solids...