Monday, November 15, 2010

False starts and a little progress

Here are the stats:
Weight gain in last 2 weeks = 0
3-4 cm dilated
90% effaced
Baby at -1 Station
*Progress, at least.

Yesterday I contracted, pretty strongly, all day-- with the majority of the activity from 2-7 pm. Then it all stopped. Based on the changes to my cervix, I'll chalk it up to a slow start and just be grateful that means I don't have to start from nothing when I finally do go into labor.


Paula71 said...

Hooray for progress. Looking forward to the post that gives baby stats.

jenn said...

Wow- you are already much further than I was when admitted 13 hours before having Pumpkin! Here's to a slow start with a great finish! ;)

susanna said...