Saturday, November 6, 2010

37+4 Post stitch removal

So the stitch removal was pretty fine. I can't say it was fun, but it was more uncomfortable than painful and it was over super quick. My doctor is awesome. He just always seems to know what he is doing-- as I suppose a doctor should. But after you have dealt with so many moron's it is just so nice to see some competent people on a regular basis.

So the stitch came out. I bled on and off for the next 12 hours -- but very minor. And that was the end of it. After he took it out he checked my cervix. I was 2 cm dilated, 50% effaced and at station 2 - which if I understand that right, she is pretty low. Today, 4 days post stitch removal, I lost my mucus plug. Sorry if that is gross, but it just is. I have been contracting a lot. Some painful, but mostly in the evening when I am tired.

We lined up a doula to attend the birth. She was at our son's birth too, so it is really nice to have a familiar and even more experience face to see us through the process. I'd like to try to make it through unmedicated, but am willing to go with meds if I have to. Last time, I went for the epidural after I barfed hysterically for hours - between each contraction. It was exhausting. So I am also going to see about an anti-nausea med upon arrival to get out ahead of that. I just want it over... faster....

So now we just wait. I have been busy making curtains and stocking the freezer. There is still a lot I *could* do, but we have decided to get started on xmas gifts since we hope to make a lot of them and having a newborn and toddler will make that even harder this year. We'll see.

So check in every few days. I'm hoping I have less than 2 weeks!

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jenn said...

Wow- what a difference with the 2nd! Here's hoping that the experience all around is better (meaning no hysterical barfing this time!)
I am just catching up on my reader & see that almost a week has passed & no adorable baby update- I will keep checking!
Good luck. :)