Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Waiting, working, waiting, working....

I am a sewing / making machine. I keep thinking if I finish that one last project I wanted to get done I will finally go into labor. It is not working, though I have yet to run out of projects. Here is what got done so far:
Curtains for DPB's room
Curtains for our room
Curtains for baby girls room
Curtains for the bathroom
3 crib sheets made
About a zillion burb clothes made
Lots of tiny paintings made for xmas gifts and otherwise
DH's b-day gift made
Apron made for Grammy's xmas gift
Many small stuffed things started for little people for xmas
Garland for Baby girl homecoming
Tissue paper flowers for baby girl's room
"Welcome Home" banner drawn on new kitchen chalk board
New throw pillows for the couch

I think that is it. But there is still more I'd like to do, just not sure how much of a mess I want to leave the house in.

Freaking come already little one! We R ready!

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Jenae Freed said...

That is VERY impressive!!!
I hope that you are well, and that all goes smoothly.