Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Still nothing

The glee of potentially going into labor is wearing thin. I had no action last night at all. The dood is pretty cramped in there, so movement is minimal. Which, of course, I freak out about. Poking and proding the poor kid till I get some kickback. He always complies.

Need to find some active ways to entertain myself... Xmas shopping perhaps? I do have to make the stuffing for tomorrow. And I am fixing to get out and take a few walks. But maybe I should hop on the train and go downtown a while? Dunno. Really, I have graphics work and prep for the spring semester to do - but I just can't seem to get motivated. I also have an afghan to finish knitting. I could clean the house... some more.

DH is going to see a rock band play tonight. I could go to that? But the chance of scoring a chair to sit in are slim... Perhaps that is a good thing....

Oh, I know!! Have DH take me for a walk in the woods later today!!! Perfect.

These woods:


jenn said...

I say you go downtown & wander- that's what I did Monday& it was great! Especially since I didn't get paid until yesterday so I couldn't buy anything more than a hot cocoa.
Today is all about painting. My sister & brother-in-law are supposedly on their way to help, so that will be good. Then I have to make side dishes for tomorrow & one for tonight.

Oddly enough my best friend's boyfriend has a show tonight... I wonder if it's the same show? (I am also not going because of not wanting to stand around all night!

May said...

*waving hands over belly*

Contract!! Contract!!

(How was that? Anything?)

sara said...

Those are beautiful photos! I hope you have some "action" tonight, LOL! I'll try to text you later - we're on our way back to the hospital with Brynn - I left a quickie post. But I've been so worried and thinking of you I had to check your blog first sweetie! Hopefully Turkey Day will bring on the Roomie :-) ((hgus))

Anonymous said...

Love the 2nd pic. what a beautiful place.