Monday, July 5, 2010

1 day short of half way

We make it to 20 weeks tomorrow: the famed and somewhat dreaded midway mark. It is from now till 28 weeks that I find the most terrifying. It is the window of cervical misbehaving. For now, I am holding strong at 3.9cm. But last time around it dropped at 23 weeks, and it went fast. I just keep telling myself... that is what the stitch is for...

DH gave me the P17 shot for the first time this week. I am on my third week of it and it seems to be doing the right thing. Haven't felt any contractions yet. He did a good job with the needle. Just the smallest of bruises. I actually suspect he really likes doing it.

We head to the beach for a week on Saturday, which is both exciting and scary. I love the sea, but being 2 hours from my OB and Peri will certainly cause me some stress. I saw the peri 4 days ago and see my OB tomorrow. So really, it will be less than a 2 week interval, but the longest I have gone without a check the entire pregnancy.

Been a tough week at home. The boy has been really sick. It started with hives all over his face and limbs on Wednesday. By Saturday morning it was a runny poo fest. Poor thing. His bedsheets have been changed more this week than in a lifetime. I still feel like I am up to my elbows in sh*t. Parenting is gross. But I think he is turning a corner. He is lethargic with a low grade fever today. I think the illness is finally breaking. I hope.


jenn said...

Yay for 20 weeks! I am so glad that things seem a little less scary this time around & I really pray it continues that way for you!
Good luck on vacation- I can see how that would be more stress than relaxing in many ways.

And poor D!! I hope he's feeling better soon so poor mama can take a break from poop!

sara said...

Gosh time is flying! It's funny how the time can fly when you're not the one pregnant, LOL! I know you know what I mean when I say that :-) Poor D....I hope he's feeling better soon and that you get a break from the poo. Beds aren't meant to be changed that often. Even a neat freak like me knows that :-)

I hope these next few weeks fly by as fast as can be. That cerclage is going to hold things nice and tight. You deserve an easy breezy carefree second trimester. (Boy that sounded like a corny phrase from an episode of America's Next Top Model :-)

Hope you have a good week and I totally want to see a pic of you sweetie!

Mel said...

Hey girlie! I'm so happy to hear that you'are at 20+ weeks. :)

Hope everyone is feeling better...and that you were able to enjoy some vaca time. *hugs*

susanna said...

this is like old times-- checking in with you via your blog! it's nice though. xxxoxo. oh DPB, what's wrong? do you know what hit the little guy? hope you guys had fun at the beach!!! love you. s