Saturday, July 31, 2010

23+4 and Holding Strong?

I am, well, baffled. This week last time around is when the shit hit the fan. I went into preterm labor and my cervical length began its great descend to nothingness. So when I arrived at my appointment yesterday I was pretty nervous.

I was hoping for my favorite U/S tech, but decided I would be happy with anyone other than the one I had last week. I got a woman I never met before. She was super confident, super fast and super efficient. I watched images of the girl flash on the screen. Head, body, kidney blood flow (yeah, looks like she has 2:) She is weighing in at 1lb 10 ounces already. Nice. Then onto the old cerv.

I watched the first measurement come up. I was expecting a number to toss me in the "scary yet still gray area" because that is how I roll. The numbers pop up in the lower right of the screen and I can't even always see the whole thing. But wouldn't you know: 3.9. What? I am holding strong? What? Me? I am totally baffled at this point. After the tech left the room, I balled. Relief, and continued fear.

I did start feeling an uptick in contractions this week, but nothing alarming. I guess the progesterone really is doing the trick. And this week will begin to tell us what happened last time around. I am starting to think the it was the PTL all along that started the ball rolling, not IC. Only time will tell.

But I can not ignore the pessimist in me who thinks: well, my dates could be off. Next week could be the bad week. And I don't have an U/S for 2 weeks, though I do see my OB next week. I forgot what this living week to week thing was like. Hoping to just make it one more. I remember thinking: if I can just get to 28 weeks, if I can just get to 30 weeks, if I can just get to 32 weeks-- then I'll feel ok, safe. But you never do till you get within a few weeks of term, do you?


May said...

With Dee we discovered a cervical length of 0.8 at 24w4d. So with Buddy, I was a wreck the entire time from 24 to 28 weeks.

And it was fine. My cervix never changed. And I was contracting like a fiend. One of my peri's from Dee was of the opinion that it was the subchorionic haemotoma I had With her which was the root of all the PTL. You never know! I think if you can get through two more appointments without going into the scary zone, then all will be fine. Fingers crossed here!

jenn said...

I'm so glad that you are holding well for now- I am going to continue to keep hope for you to stay at a nice comfortable 'safe' holding pattern for a good 10 weeks at least! And somehow I missed your post announcing a girl! congrats!!! Seriously- if you need anything just let me know. Here's to 30 weeks and beyond and some less scary week to weeks!

88 Highbury Corner said...

That's great, so happy for you. All my fingers and toes are crossed for you. I've finally got my first HSG appointment on Thursday, I'm excited to get some answers hopefully... Elizabeth

K77 said...

I'm very very glad that it's different this time.

sara said...

I agree with K, I am just so happy that things have been different this time. I love seeing the title of holding strong, I smiled before I even read your post.I find myself checking my email in the morning and then immediately clicking over to check your blog. I always am waiting for an update because I remember how stressful this period is, and I think of you often. So to see good updates is a great way to start my day :-) ((hugs))