Sunday, July 18, 2010

Love! Joy!

Little Boy Hank arrived yesterday. The son of one of my most favored blogger and real world friends. Go say a HUGE and much awaited congrats to G$ at Makes You Stronger! She will be one of the most glorious Mama's ever!

Not much to report from me. We just arrived home from a week at the beach. My garden is a disaster. Seems my tomatoes have contracted a fatal in incurable fungus. I am a gardening failure. My ego, as it pertains to keeping things alive, didn't really need a blow at this very moment. Whatever.

I have an U/S to check on my cervix and stitch tomorrow. I am just about 22 weeks, so I am anticipating there could be a little change this week, but hoping not. I have been having occasional very slight spotting. Really, just barely a bit of pink. I'll mention it to my Peri. I have also had a little spotting following exams (speculum and trans-vag u/s.) But I suppose that is pretty normal.

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88 Highbury Corner said...

Hi, I just wanted to write that I am glad that I found your blog. I have struggled through three miscarriages this past year and a specialist I've just recently seen suspects I have a septum, will know for certain after an HSG in August. Your story inspires me, thank you for sharing it. Wishing you a tranquil and uneventful rest of your pregnancy, Elizabeth