Monday, December 3, 2007


Either the world is smaller than I ever imagined, or something terrible went on in the 18944 zipcode in the mid 70's. How could it be that I have an SU and one of my oldest friends, who I have known since I was 6, has an BU? And how is it we are just learning this about each other right now? This is a crazy world...

Yesterday I was looking for an email from my friend Jen. I searched her name in my email program and along with her emails, my old friend Nae-Nae's (what we called her when we were kids) popped up. I had not heard from Nae in a while. It had been even longer since we spoke - perhaps as long as 3 years. In our last conversation that I recall, I had phoned her to congratulate her on her pregnancy, which my mother had informed me of. I started to gush "Congrrrrr" and she stopped me. She was not pregnant any more. I didn't know what to say. I am sure I said I was sorry. But I can't remember what else.

So I stumbled upon her email address and remembered that my mother had said she recently gave birth. I thought about how long it had been since we had the brief conversation about her miscarriage, and that she had only recently had her son. I knew she had moved, her Husband had started a new carrier, so I thought it may be possible that they had just waited. But I wondered if perhaps she had never shared with me the extent of her experiences. There would not have been reason to. I was living pretty far away and we had not been close since we roomed together in the late 90's.

So I dropped her a line, wondering if a new mom had much time for emailing. I sent the brief "hello, are you there" note. She replied within 2 days (not to too shabby for a mommy with an infant). She told me about her son, going to school and a few other major events. I responded the same, but added in my story of miscarriage and my MA. I got the most ASTOUNDING response! ASTOUNDING.

Crazy girl, that Nae - she bypassed email altogether and just picked up the phone and called me!! Who does that? It is so awesome. She told me her story - here it is in the very, very condensed and probably somewhat inaccurate version... Nae has suffered 4 miscarriage in the last few years. The kicker, being told she has 2 uteri during an internal ultrasound. It all sounds so freaking familiar-- who trains these dumb-ass radiologists anyhow? Turns out, after the obligatory MA misdiagnosis, and many losses, she found out she has a BU with small septum. She finally found a great DR. who put her on baby aspirin and progesterone, got her pregnant, and kept her pregnant! YEAH NAE!!! The BU is not really suspected in the losses, but rather an autoimmune issue. She delivered her beautiful son via c-section 3 days past her due date with her little dude hanging out breech. Regardless, she gets it. I can't believe it! Someone I know gets it.

You rock, Nae! Your generosity and willingness to so quickly pick up the phone and share your experience with me is overwhelming. I am so sad you had to go through that, but am so grateful to know that someone else understands what I am going through. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

xoxo ~ megadeth


K77 said...

Wow, that's amazing!

Hekateris said...

Hola, popped over from Stirrup Queens.

First of all, I'm so glad you've come across someone you know with a similar issue (and thanks for clearing up the difference between BU and SU!).

I don't of any infertile who hasn't ditched the majority of their fertile friends. It's just too hard. Especially when you know more about pregnancy than they do. That's actually infuriating. So, I say rock on with saving yourself - you're not an ass to do it, they're asses for not recognizing and validating your pain.