Sunday, March 16, 2008

And we begin again.

So the whole family is on board this month. I guess, in a way, this is our first official month of trying again. Last month was a total wash out, with DH bailing at the last minute. We made an attempt, but a lame one. This month we are going full-on, full-force. I am using multiple tactics to corner the Ute into submission. I got temps, I got OPK's, I got pre-seed, I got an acupuncturist doing her c00ter-voodoo on me, and I got a willing partner. Seriously, I am leaving no stone unturned.

It is day 17. I had a positive OPK and a temp rise yesterday. And we've been going at it like rabbits. Well, very systematic rabbits, let's say. So there it is. The glaring reality of my IF limbo status. I admit it. It is true. I have been known to conceive naturally. In fact, conception has never really been an issue (knock on wood). The issue has always been the Ute and her inability to follow through. I have to say, I continue to be a bit nervous. Both last month and this I have had some inordinately bad cramping mid-cylce. I have always had mittelschmertz, but this is heating-pad worthy and lasts for a day or two. This is new since the surgery.

I kinda dumped my RE. But I think it is a temporary break-up. I was really unhappy on the progesterone last month. And frankly, I know there is real question if it is actually necessary. So I never called back after my cycle began and figure I'll call when(if) I get a BFP. Just tired of the constant interventions. We need to be on our own for a little bit. So instead of the nasty progesterone suppositories, I am taking a B Complex vitamin (50 mg B12 & B6 daily) to supplement the prenatal. Anybody ever have good results from this? It is supposed to help you build a good lining.

Ew. This is a really boring post. Sorry. The rollercoaster departs in a few days. After I come down of the "trying" part, there is usually a few days of calm before I start dissecting every twinge my body produces. Then we'll get to the good stuff. For now, all I got is temps, opk's and gettin busy.


Meg said...

You are well armed for this! I do not have advice on the B Complex.

I just wanted to wish you luck this cycle. We all know the 2ww makes us batty nuts.

Freyja said...

IC OPKs don't like me. :(

sara said...

Good luck on this cycle and the break from the RE!

jenn said...

Hmmm- you ARE prepared! I'm also taking a break from the RE this month- we can't afford a treatment cycle & since we are apparently 'normal' I don't see the point. I hope we both don't have to call again unless it's for a BFP!