Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hoop number two - jumped through

I had my 6 week ultrasound today.
The skrimp has a heartbeat. Having a hard time believing it, even though I saw that little flicker with my own two eyes.

Two more weekly ultrasounds with my RE to monitor growth. Then off to the OB.
My RE recommended 2 OB practices and insisted I see a high risk doctor because of the association of incompetent cervix with uterine anomalies. I was pleased to hear her talk about this so early.

Now that I am through the worst of the stress, I have a terrible (i mean terrible) case of diarrhea. This is a pretty typical stress reaction for me. Added to it is that we are having our first warm day of the season. Anything above 72 degrees and I have terrible intestinal issues. Arg. And I am really sure you wanted the nasty details!

Thanks for all of your kind words and support. As usual - ya'll rock!


sara said...

Wowwy wow that is great great news! Gee that sounded nerdy, sorry :-) Pregnancy mush brain. Did you start experiencing that yet? I sure have.

Aw I'm so happy! Man not only are our pregnancies only a few days apart, it sounds like our pregnancy monitoring will be mirroring also. I will be followed by my regular OB, but also see a peri from the high risk group to do frequent monitoring due to the risks of imcompetent cervix, preterm labor, etc due to my unicornuate uterus. But that's great because maybe we can be a shoulder to lean on for each other? I would sure love that! I'm so happy this is going well for you :-)

Mel said...

What fabulous news!!

jenn said...

Yes!Yes!Yes!!! I am so happy to see this post today! I just knew it would be a good one! What a beautiful day for it too! I'm glad your RE is so proactive & I hope that you can relax into 9 boring months (8 & a half really!)

I;'m sorry for your stress 'symptom' - I hope you get some relief- yikes!

Thank you for your kind comment- I do think that it's easier to hold hope for someone else than it is to have hope for yourself. At least that way we'll all have some hope- even if it's for someone else!

Freyja said...

Big fat congrats chica!

Meg said...

What wonderful news. This is a huge hoop and I am so happy you share this time with us....diarrhea and all ;)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news!

Hope the intestinal issues pass soon. Not fun.

loribeth said...


Hope your insides settle down soon. (((hugs)))

KatieM said...

Oh hun, that is a beautiful picture! It is a bit unbelievable isn't it? I know I still feel that way 2 weeks post u/s. I am glad you're being followed so closely, congrats again!