Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Planting a tree

Last weeks stress is over. Our project is done, opening done, ultrasound done. I am grateful that last week was last week because yesterday proved to be my first day of true exhaustion. I was just wiped out all day and feel really privileged to be able to come home from teaching my morning class and spend the remainder of the day on the couch - in and out of sleep. The symptom was welcomed, because my old doubts are always creeping back in.

J and I spent the majority of the weekend in the garden. I put down landscaping cloth on all of the beds, then mulched. We put up a privacy screen made of bamboo, in part for privacy, but also because my back neighbors are very fond of spritzing weed killer all over their concrete backyard. She has in the past craned over the fence to spray my other neighbors good plants. She is not to be trusted with her nasty chemicals. We also planted a dogwood tree, which I am just so smitten on. Hopefully, by next spring we will get a big white bloom from it. Our neighbors have a real love of knocking trees down, so we thought we would do our part to irritate them and plant a new one:) We have some grass finally sprouting, but I am still pulling out lots of crab grass and onion grass - the smell of that stuff is killing me. All in all the garden is really shaping up. I am hoping we have a few more weeks to enjoy it before the mosquito population booms and makes it impossible to be outside.

My intestines are still acting up. I am a little worried about it. Between the nausea, which makes me want to not eat at all, and the other end, which makes me fear what will happen if I do eat... I can't actually be providing much nourishment for the skrimp. Today I am back on the B.R.A.T diet in an attempt to get my body to settle down a bit. This is pretty normal for me once the weather is warm. A good excuse to move to Nov.a S.cotia. I wish.

Ultrasound numbero deuce on Thursday. It is with my RE's partner, who I have never seen before. I thought after seeing a heartbeat I would calm down, but I am still pretty wired over this whole thing. Worrying too much, really. This week will tell us if growth looks good.


sara said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend in the garden. My husband worked outside as well. I have an ultrasound on Thursday also. Hopefully a heartbeat will show up then. What time is yours? I'll be thinking of you at my appointment...we can have an ultrasound date!

jenn said...

Your garden sounds very nice- I love the bamboo screen! You should take some photos- especially to get some before & afters!

I'm sorry about your intenstines! The summers do get brutal here too- I hope you get to calm down a little, but Yay! for reassuring symptoms like nauseau & fatigue! (Odd how we want these things, huh...)
Sounds like thursday is a big day all around!

sara said...

My ultrasound thursday is at 11:15 eastern time, exactly an hour apart :-) I'll update too, but I'm at work that day as long as I'm feeling good. So I won't be home til afternoon. But I'll be sure to post. Here's to hoping both of us get kick ass reports!

alicia said...

Cute tree!