Monday, June 2, 2008

At this very moment + NT scan

DH is edging the garden in brick. I am sitting under the shade of our 1950's awning with laptop in hand - searching the web for some idea of what my NT scan means. (image is mirrored)

About a week ago I started feeling nervous about the scan, wondering if it would just cause more worry. But I have been having enough trouble that I wanted another look at the roomie. Today, the little squirrel was wiggling all over like crazy. We even saw him/her putting his/her hand up to her mouth. It felt good.

Then the doc came in and dropped the "in the normal range but on the high side" on me. I have to wait for the blood work to process and all factors to be taken into consideration - but I am already a little antsy. I am also concerned that no one ever really dated my pregnancy with any accuracy - and I wonder if that effects the results. Anyhow, I should hear from the genetics counselor later in the week.

If anyone knows any good online resources (other than those easily g00gled) for understanding results - that would be helpful. I am 13w2d and the NT measurement was 2.1mm. I have read that 2.5 and below is normal and in another article, 3.0. Well see.

Greedy babymama. I just had to have another look. Arg.


This seems to be the most pointed estimate I can find. "An NT measurement of up to 2.0mm is normal at about 11 weeks, and up to about 2.8mm by 13 weeks and 6 days." Meaning the Doc was right. I am within normal, but on the high end. The other thing I learned is that the NT fold increases with gestational age. I had my scan 4 days before the cut off. That means my due date needs to be accurate. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that my bloodwork looks super and swings my risk in the right direction...


Meg said...

have no real resources for you on the NT number. This will be a long week for you I am sure....I am pretty positive inaccurate gestational ages will affect your scan results. My SIL had this happen and the genetics counselor came back with good/reassuring news.

Hang in there.

jenn said...

I also don't have any resources for you- but it would make sense that an innacurate dating would tend to make you look like you got a higher reading than you did. I hope you can get through the week alright. I'm sure everything will be just fine. The roomie is a good little squirrel... :o) I love that you refer to him/her as a squirrel, I think the animal nicknames are the best!

scarredbellybutton said...

Ugh, the 12wk screening was a mindfuck for me too. My NT measurement came back fine, so did the number derived from my age, but the blood test threw in something screwy. I ended up being very very slightly out of the high risk range.

I can't remember the numbers now (how did that happen?) but say the cut off point between high & low risk is 1:300, I was at 1:305 or so.

Something else they look for at that time is the nasal bone - having one is GOOD. I trawled through all the images til I found that arrow with the words nasal bone. I didn't realise this til I'd been freaking out for a few weeks.

Inaccurate dating would surely lead to an inaccurate NT measurement.

From memory the test is meant to be done after 11wks but before 14wks.

Bean said...

Sorry I can't help with any resources, just wanted to say hang in there and hoping you get reassuring news later in the week.
Take care.

sara said...

I'm sorry I'm a dud when it comes to these numbers. But I'm glad you're in the normal range (even if it's a little high). There is always something to worry about. Does anyone actually have a normal pregnancy? If these women exist we should track them down and kick their butt, okay?