Friday, June 13, 2008

The fruit of my loins and the fruit of my backyard

I never posted any of the most recent pictures of the roomie. After a very active scan (bouncing around like a jumping bean) the roomie has accumulated yet another name - "the little yumper" (think "jumper" with a spanish accent.)

I have also posted pictures of some of my plants. My garden is going crazy this year! The bulk of my lily's are currently in bloom and it is so exciting to go outside to water every morning and see what else is bursting out with color. I am realizing now that I have too much yellow and orange though. I am not a big fan of purple but I think it would add a nice contrast... Oh, and my window boxes are thriving too.


jenn said...

what a beautiful profile! The roomie looks like such cute little baby now!

I am jealous of your backyard- it's so sweet! I always have these grand ideas of what to plant & what colors I want to bring out, but then nature decides for me & I get what I get!

Freyja said...

Congrats on all your fruit.

sara said...

Your little jumping bean is adorable. The profile in the picture is darling, it's crazy what a real baby they look like! So happy to hear everything is going well, and your garden pictures look great too. The close up picture of the flowers is very calming and leaves me feeling very Zen!