Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cervix, Check!

First off, big news. I have a cervix. I also seem to have a cervix, that unlike my uterus, is behaving itself. 36.7 was the measurement (or was it 3.6?). All I know was it needed to be above 2.5 and it was (or was it 25). I think it is a cm to mm thing that I am lost on here... So I won't have to go back for another check till my big anatomy scan on July 16.

Also got to have a look at the little yumper. Bugger was dancing around like a crazy spaz. Even did a little flip for me (show-off). You could see all of the bones and the spine! Crazy! The tech was really awesome, talkative and reassuring. I also saw a new Doctor (MFM - Specialist) - he was also really cool. Very direct, matter of fact, but also kind.

I was assured that pregnancy will produce a whole host of strange cramping that I should not worry too much about unless it is severe, sustained and/or accompanied by blood. I forgot to ask about the evening backaches. I think I will have to start writing questions across my forehead if I actually want them answered. But I feel better for today.

I did have a little bit of the "other" me appear in the office. There was a woman who came in with her husband for their big scan. She was just gushing with excitement to find out the gender, and telling anyone in the waiting room who would listen. Thing is, that office is an OB office, but it is also an office for patients at high risk. The majority of the patients who are seen there are seen under somewhat stressful conditions. There I sat, once again nervous at what the ultrasound would see, and I have to tolerate this woman, who is just oozing all over the place. I am a big fan of being reserved. And doctors offices are serious places, where not every visit is full of joy. My road to pregnancy has been relatively easy compared to many, and I am still so effected by this.

I also joined a local "mommy-like" forum yesterday at the recommendation of my boss, who I finally had to tell I was pg because she was preparing the fall contracts. I signed up for the forum and headed to the "pregnancy" boards. I was shocked - although I should not have been - by these women who were freaking out because they had been trying to get pregnant for three months and were not successful yet. My biggest irritation was that they had not done any research, were not charting, were not using OPK's, were not doing anything. Yes, it is normal to worry, especially when you have been told you'll catch pregnancy like the common cold. But these people need to do their homework! Don't go getting your panties in a bunch if you have not even been properly monitoring your cycles! Ugh. I am not too sure I will be going back to that site. There is just something about the way that fertile folks write about their experiences that really rubs me the wrong way. I can not blame people entirely for their ignorance - we all avoid subjects that make us uncomfortable. But there is a certain inevitability in their tone that I just can not stomach.


loribeth said...

Glad you had a good checkup! Maybe a pregnancy after infertility forum would be more up your alley. I joined a ttc/pregnancy after loss e-mail list after my daughter's stillbirth -- some people had fertility issues, some didn't. I had to grind my teeth when I read a woman claiming that she had "struggled" with infertility. It took her five whole cycles to get pregnant. With her THIRD child.

G said...

Yay for a good appt and a kind doc!

I might suggest you check out www3 dot fertilethoughts dot com - the pregnancy section and then due date clubs. The vast majority of those women have gone through IF to get there, so it is a bit more down to earth in terms of forums. I know I found it a lot more comforting that other, main stream forums.

Susan K said...

I agree about how annoying the innocent ones are. They get so excited about every little thing as though they'll have a baby any minute. It bothers me that someone can buy a crib when they're 10 weeks pregnant and have no problems, whereas we've learned that "being pregnant" and "expecting a baby" are two very different things.

Freyja said...

I am a total biotch and I have to disagree. I think there are MANY, MANY things for which people can not be blamed. Being born into a culture of poverty for example. However, willful ignorance is not on my list. Those people drive me bananas!

jenn said...

I'm so glad you had agreat appointment & got to see the roomie again!

Sorry about the fertile preggo in the office, but they really are everywhere. I never could take the 'newbies'- even when I was one...

scarredbellybutton said...

Yay for your cervix! 2.5cm = 25mm = 1".

I find my back is worse in the evenings, it's because the muscles get tired from holding you up all day.

I find the excitement very hard to take as well, we all know things could turn to shit at any moment.

I stay away from pg boards, it's just torture!

sara said...

Hip Hip Horray for a good cervix! So the little talk my cervix had with your cervix worked, huh? I'm so glad that things went well at the appointment. Yeah you're right though, it's just a cm or mm thing. Like when mine was 1.9 when they did the cerclage it was 1.9cm or 19mm. My thoughts exactly on the ladies in the waiting room. My one friend doesn't understand why I haven't done a complete registry yet at 15 and a half weeks. I'm just not to that point yet. She had hers completed at 9 weeks!!! Crazy, but I hope you and I surprise ourselves with full term kiddos. Have a great weekend!