Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The most excitement I have had in weeks

At my mom's for a few days.
Who knew I would get treated to this?
I love the cold.
I love the snow.
I am in heaven.
(Sorry World Series fans... Will they try to play in this tonight? Doubtful.)


sara said...

Oh my goodness! Snow!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for our first snow here in MI. So glad your snuggled in at you mom's. ((hugs))

heather moore said...

oh.my.gosh - you do have a lot of snow! The first snow is always so pretty! Have fun at your moms!

Martha said...

Wow, Lucky you! I am jealous, I do miss snow. (Not the driving part so much...) Good for you for getting a change of scenery. I hope your mom is spoiling you and Roomie.

susanna said...

hey M, I'm so glad it snowed for you. And here's my lil' blog.

Another Dreamer said...

I love how pretty snow is... but hate how evil it is too. Glad you got to enjoy it though :)

jenn said...

I am jealous of the snow!

I'm sorry you are j ealous of me being able to walk around- I wish you could do that so much! I will say that the more active I am, the less I feel pregnant. Which worries me. Of course I am worried because I still haven't gained a pound. And because I go days without feeling th e flutters. I could go on, but this is just going to be our lives from now on... worrying about our boys (just trying it out! That's what I am feeling, but I'll hopefully know in a week!)