Friday, October 3, 2008

Turning a corner, spinning the wheel.

Today, we made it to 31 weeks. It is that liminal space between milestone weeks of 30 and 32. As per the usual, I have my good days and bad - both emotionally and physically. Some days my contractions will seem relentless, not frequent enough to go to the doctor, but frequent enough that I can concentrate on nothing else. Other days they are light, perhaps only 2 an hour. On those days, I can relax, perhaps even get something done.

I saw my OB yesterday. We hardly know each other. He was the only doctor willing to pick me up mid pregnancy and high risk after I had to leave the incompetent practice I was seeing prior to hospitalization. For that act alone, he is kinda my hero. But he is casual and lax compared to my style. But he is also encouraging and really hopeful. He was so excited to see me come in this week unchanged from two weeks ago - and so please that I have made it this far. And although sometimes I wish he would recommend closer monitoring, I know we are doing everything we should right now. I also know that I will very much appreciate his style in the delivery room. He is the kind of person who can put you at ease with his very presence.

Two nights ago my little friend seems to have finally got his little butt in gear and turned. Kicks that normally irritate my cervix now bop me near the ribs. The doctor confirmed that he though he had turned head down, although he still seems flexible to move around - so I am yet to be convinced he will stay put.

I have a huge stack of handspun wool from my mother. Not only is it handspun, but it is from the sheep she and my dad keep on their little wacky farm. I have been starring at it for three days trying to find the motivation to start making an afghan for my very, very, very dear friends wedding present. She is getting married on Saturday and my doctor strongly encouraged me to attend - and to have a sip of wine! We are going to make an appearance at the reception - and I will stay as long as I feel safe. The real issue is figuring out what to wear, and possibly, how to shave my legs...


G said...

Such beautiful yarn!!

Mer - I am so stoked at how far you have come. Seriously.

Big ackward hugs, keep your hairy ass legs away though.


heather moore said...

Enjoy yourself this weekend! Congrats to making it to 31w!

That yarn is beautiful! You're quite crafty - aren't you!?

May said...

Leaving the house- egads!!! Enjoy yourself! And remember- they used to give women in preterm labor IV alcohol to stop their contractions. Think of the wine as medicine for the baby. It's the least you can do, really...

Susan said...

Nice belly pic!!! Gorgeous! Happy 31 weeks! I'm so jealous ... your little bean flipped. I wish my guy will flip. He's driving me crazy.

K77 said...

Yay for 31! Inching closer. Is it feeling like a marathon for you?

So cool that he flipped, will be interesting to see if he stays that way.

Gorgeous wool!

Soooooo wearing pants to the wedding then?

Another Dreamer said...

Neat yarn, and hey... YAY for 31 weeks!

jenn said...

woo-hoo for 31 weeks! Very cool that the roomie has flipped- have a great time at the wedding & maybe the hubby can do the shaving for you? Or just wear thick tights! It's almost cool enough for that!