Tuesday, October 21, 2008

an ounce shy of 5, 7.5 cm shy of 10

First, one of my bestest virtual friends is being drug through the wringer. Let G at "Makes you stronger" know your thinking about her. And my "gestational twin," Sara is one the cusp of delivery. Wish her her luck!!

Had a scan yesterday. The roomie is 4 lbs 15 ounces- and ounce shy of 5 pounds. Cool. Except... The tech told us he has a big head. Who tells you that? Maybe he doesn't have a big head, but rather a small butt?

After a busy day, I got home and started contracting a lot. Off to triage we went. By the time we got there my contractions had slowed. I cried wolf. Digital exam showed I am now 2.5 cm dilated. Nurses seem to think I'll be back in 2 weeks to deliver. My OB does not recommend any interventions at this point. No Terb, No Mag. If I go into labor, I have the boy. I am scared shitless. I have no clue what I am doing, no clue how to recognize labor. Ummm, pain with my contractions, I suppose?? Or more than 6 an hour. Backache. Mucus plug. Water breaks?

And then, with all the excitement of yesterday I seemed to have brewed myself a good old fashion headache, that I can only hope does not decide to become a migraine. I have avoided them the whole pregnancy. Why start now?

Compounding the situation is that DH has a lot of extra meetings and appointments this week and I have less visitors than usual. My mom is usually here today, but needed to keep a dentist appointment that she has already waited over 6 months for - can't blame her. But I am, as a result, alone on a day that I am both a little freaked out and not feeling so tip-top.

Weekend work on the house was great, but not as much as we hoped for. Two new windows so our offspring does not get cold whilst he slumbers. Plastering is done, but not sanded. So my brother comes back next week to sand and hopefully paint.

Two weeks? Really? we are so not ready. Room not done, no furniture, no diapers, no boob pump.. Lots of clothes but nowhere to put them? Drat!

Well, on a bright note, my "condition" has had one very positive effect: It got me out of jury duty. Bedrest has to good for something other than cooking babies, no?


heather moore said...

Good size baby boy! Hang in there. I'm gonna guess you've got longer than 2 weeks to go. I was 1-1.5cm dialated at 29w and went to 37. And my best friend was 5.5cm at 35w and they sent her home...same issues as us. She didn't go right away, either. :) I think all that work will be done and you'll be pleading with him to come out. If nothing else - wishful thinking...

Another Dreamer said...

Yay for getting out of jury duty. And yay on the size of your baby. I hope things go as sketched out.

KatieM said...

Ha! Your big head/small butt comment cracked me up because my last u/s tech told me the same thing. Her exactly words were "well I guess some people just grow large babies" =P

CTagsGirl said...

Good news all-around! :) I can't wait to see more pics of the soon-to-be complete nursery, too. Sounds like you've got everything under control...no worries...you're doing awesome, mommy!

susanna said...

Yay big boy! And the biggest YAY is THERE WILL BE NO MAG FOR YOU!!!!

and didn't I see a photo on here a few weeks back of beautifully folded piles of cloth hemp diapers all ready to be pooped on by a very special boy?

xxooox s

sacredandscarred said...

He's a decent size. A big head can be a symptom of IUGR. That said, boys have big heads! They just do. They always said TTG's head was big, and it measured big up til his 6wk checkup. I've chosen not to have him weighed or measured since, but he looks fine to me :) Also, at birth his head was a funny shape from being squashed, so I think it was bigger than it "really" was at the measurement point IYKWIM. My GP agreed with me.

I hope you won't be back to the hosp for a while yet, but I know you'll be fine either way. No wonder you're scared, it's scary!

Hmm I wonder if Roomie will be born the same day as Brynn?

sara said...

You're doing such a good job there girl! Crazy about getting jury duty while you're on the bedrest wagon, huh? I've never gotten one - I suppose my day is coming. Can't wait to see the Roomie on the outside to see what a cutie he is - although not until you're nice and ready of course! ((hugs))