Thursday, October 16, 2008

When oh so boring is oh so good

Just got home from the OB. Belly measuring a tad small, which comes as no big shock, but I did gain 5 pounds since my last visit! YEAH!!! I am scheduled for a growth scan on Monday just to make sure the roomie is keeping up with the pack.

Tomorrow marks the 33rd week mark. There is something about 33. In between 32 and 34, which somehow seems kind of dull. I am just so excited to get to 34.... I'd rather skip 33 completely.

My OB has asked me to just use my best judgment with by my dosage of Pro.card.ia and with my own movement about the house. I have been experiencing stronger side effects lately, so I am going to drop back to every 6 hours. But he told me to go ahead and bump it up if I feel the need. He also encouraged me to use my own judgment with things like sitting up in bed, moving about the house, etc. I have been a really hard*ss about bedrest - staying down on my side as much as possible. But I am starting to sit up more. We also got a little mini fridge for upstairs, so now I can get my own snacks and stuff. Those little bits of independence are doing my mental state well.

That is really all from my end. Wanted to give a little shout out to my "gestational twin" Sara. She hit another rough patch this week with an uptick in contractions and landed he butt in L&D. Things continue to be stable on the mag - but I am really hoping she catches a break from it soon. Go say hello and wish her well.


heather moore said...

Yay for a lower dose and 5lb! Must be all that cooking your mom has been doing for you! :) 33w - geez girl - you're so close! Awesome job.

CTagsGirl said...

Fantastic news all around! Congrats on the 5 lbs. and 33 weeks. That's a huge achievement!

Looks like baby boy is making his way further "down" from your newest belly shot. Do you feel a difference?

Martha said...

I love Boring! I hope your little Roomie is getting to bigger everyday. What a cute belly shot and Hurrah for mini fridges. Onto to next week, 34 weeks!

Another Dreamer said...

33weeks... Yay!
Doing good :)

jenn said...

Yay for less meds & 5 more pounds & a really cute belly! 33 weeks ain't too shabby either!