Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The long haul is a bumpy road.

IV in the left hand has stolen my last two pleasures: knitting and typing. So please excuse typos and the brevity of my posts.

Since I last posted.
One bad evening of side effects.
Lightheaded, short of breath, numbness in feet. Thought i might be tachycardic. Gave me oxygen. Settle down.
That was Saturday, our 5 year anniversary.
20 minutes in a wheelchair on Sunday. Went outside. Forgot what a breeze felt like. It was beautiful.
This morning.
Went for u/s.
Cervix dropped from 1.9 - 1.1. Fuck.
Contractions upticked after lunch.
Shot me up with terbutaline.
Makes me feel like shit.
IV fluids along with it. Arms are so beat up they have to needle my hand.
Three days - one hand.
Changing to a day to day outlook.
Each day the roomie stays in is a victory.
Trying to start wrapping my head around the chance of preterm birth and the NICU.
Not that I am resigned to it, just that I prefer to be mildly prepared.
Although I doubt anyone is ever really prepared for that.

In our usual twin-like fashion, my pal Sara had a shot of terb today and has been admitted to the hospital. Go give her the love. We share a due date and bum ute's.

Below, more images of the day to day. Including the dolls my mom and I are knitting. They get sent to a charity in Africa tht works with kids with HI.V/A.IDS. I was finishing one a day prior to the IV. Damn.


jenn said...

man oh man. happy anniversary & i am so sorry about the rest! I was wondering if it would be weird to come drop a little something off for you next week... let me know- or I can just send it to you. (nothing much, just a neighborly 'sorry you are cooped up in there maybe this will help you be slightly less bored')

Neenie/PawsNY said...

IV in the hand totally blows and I feel for you!!! And the terbutaline rocks- hopefully its calming down the uterine earthquakes!
BTW: Don't freak about the cervical length. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE! I was at .5 for 8 weeks. * crucial weeks for my baby and we made it. You can be stuck in one position for quite some time so fingers always crossed for you!
GOOD JOB!!!! And LOVE the doll idea~!

sara said...

Good morning girl! I hope you had a quiet night. You have me majorly impressed with that doll and other things that you have sewn and knitted. Plus what a super nice thing that your mom and you do! I won't tell you to hold tight and try to hang in there - because I already know you're doing that of course. I'll just tell the Roomie that Spot said today is not the day that he is supposed to come out. Lots of hugs to you!

andrea said...

Just over 3 years ago, I was where you were... admitted at around 23 weeks, cervix shrinking and at the same range as yours. I made it to 31 weeks, the last 2 weeks I had no cervix left at all. Each day you are there, is a great step forward. Shoot for the weekly milestones. And shoot anyone that says "don't stress". I know it is a scary, scary time, but you can do it!

May said...

About 2 years after I had my daughter, my OB told me that by the end of my time in the hospital, she could feel my membranes bulging out through my nonexistent cervix. (I'm glad she kept that little factoid to herself.) Despite that, when they finally let my labor progress, she ended up having to rupture the membrane artificially! It can be done! It sounds like you are in good hands. Keep up the good work!

Meg said...

Hang in there and mark off those daily milestones. You are right, each day is closer than yesterday. I will be thinking of you!

Happy Anniversary.