Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mining for names

DH and I are really struggling with the name. We had the girl name totally pinned down, but man.... Boys names are so hard. And, of course, we are having a boy. We have months to go, but I have this vision of us looking at this baby and not knowing what to call him. I even envision bringing him home without a name. How stupid is that?

So here is a little about us that might help. We are both artists, so we lean toward the arty/unusual names, but don't want the name to be totally outragious. We love names from the era of our own grandparents 1920's - 1930's. DH's last name is very beautiful, very french, and often mispronounced. We have a few french names on the list. DH's last name also ends with a "Y" - which makes it sound wierd with first names that are short and end in "y." We also like some German names and are not very fond of Irish names.

Here are some names we have considered but tossed out for various reasons... But it gives an idea: Oscar, Emmitt, Simon, Marcel, Billy, Matthias, Ari, Nigel, Fernando (which you have to say with a very rolled and frisky "r."

No, G, Jerry is not an option:)

I am released from my week of "rest." Yesterday morning I went to a faculty meeting and have another this morning. I feel pretty good and did not have any unusual uterine stuff going on yesterday after my trip out into the world. I still get a little contracty at night, but I think that is just from being tired. So I am just trying to listen to my body's signals and rest throughout the day as I need it.

I have an OB appointment on Thursday. They'll check the cervix digitally - which by the way, more recently, makes me feel like a slab of meat. Never bothered me before, but the resident at triage was pretty rough with me - both with the spectulum and her hands. She was pushing so hard that my whole body way moving towrad the top of the exam table. Ugh. Then next week I go in for a cervical length through ultrasound. I have a feeling it is the last one of these they will write a script for since even "normal" pregnancies start to see shortening in the late 20's. We'll see. I just hope that the rest of this pregnancy is really uneventful.

A shout out to 2 friends. Sara, who is my due date twin, is having some bleeding and could use a little support. And the best news I have gotten in some time, Jenn is knocked up after her first IUI.


G said...

Fine! be that way!

How about Phil?

Since you are so artisty as you say, you could call him Philipe (french pronunciation). I swear he wouldn't get the smack down in the playground...

(but really, I like Emmitt & Oscar, in case we are voting...)

sara said...

Thank you for the shot out M, it's always much appreciated! I can't even begin to tell you how much you have helped me stay on the sane end of the block lately :-) So thank you for that.

Hmmm, as far as names I couldn't agree with you more when you say boys names are freakin hard to come up with. I like almost any girl name you throw at me - but boy names are hard. I like the idea of going with a name from the 20s-30s. I even like girls names from that era. I really like the Mattias one. Actually all the ones you mentioned were great. Emmitt is really cool too. J and I are down to 3 names and we can't narrow it down. I think we might bring the little girl home namesless too I fear, LOL! I'm glad you are off of your house arrest and I hope you never see any of it again! ((hugs))

sara said...

Forgot to say good luck at your appointment tomorrow. I hope you don't have to feel like a slab of meat, and that the OB has a nice gentler touch! Ewww...that sounded kind of gross. Sorry - but you know what I mean :-)

jenn said...

I also like Matthias. Emmett is good, but I have to veto Ari for my vote- the Ari I knew from high school was the biggest pothead loser & now the name has that association! ;o)
We have actually had the boys name picked out for years, it's the girl's names that give me problems- I like so many of them!

edie & ella said...

Hi -- I found you on Sara's blog....just wanted to add my two cents on a boy name....... LOVE LOVE LOVE Emmitt -- I had 2 girls but Emmett was the boy name I had picked out.......good luck with your bedrest....sam