Sunday, August 3, 2008

Living Horizontally

So I have survived a mere week horizontal. I am counting Sunday to Sunday since even before I went into triage I put myself down... I have to give props to all those ladies out there that find the strength to do this for months on end. You are better women than I! I only got a week! I am not sure what is worse, the boredom or the physical pain of lying down day in and day out. Anyhow, this was my view for the week. Knees blocking the sun through the front window. (I know I am supposed to be on my side! And usually I am. Rolling to my back for a few short minutes is always a treat.)

I decided last night after having had a good day that a walk around the block might be a good test run to see how misbehaven my Ute is gonna be. I only noticed a single contraction when I got home. Not too bad. My latest complaint is that my bladder seems to really only hold about a tablespoon of pee at this point. I feel the urge to go, run to the toilet and a little trickle comes out. It is not a UTI - those I am familiar with. This is just a plain old lack of capacity issue. I have been drinking a ton, so I am sure that worsens the situation. Plus, too much pee in the bladder seems to bug the Ute - so I am taking an "empty often" approach.

Today I have been reclined most of the morning with my laptop trying to work on some logo designs for a friends business. It feels good to be productive, but I am having a little trouble getting started. I noticed after lunch that I had a few contractions - more likely BH though because only the left side of the Ute decided to participate. These are the weirdest. I look like a lopsided freak.

Not much else to update. The start of the semester is closing in on me. Meeting start this week and I will need to start riffling through old lesson plans. My boss is being a superwoman. She has assured me that I can bail anytime I need - that I should not worry about my job and should take care of myself and the roomie. She's saying this while being only a week from her own due date. She rocks. So I feel good entering into the semester and hope to god I can work till the end. We need the income, but more importantly, I need the mental stimulation!!


jenn said...

yikes! Sorry about staying horizontal, but it sounds like things are hopefully starting to calm down a bit in that department. Yay for great bosses!! I hope you last the semester too.

sara said...

Your boss sounds absolutely wonderful. I'm hoping that your days of being horizontal are done (although I did like your picture - very cool idea :-) I'm hoping that those pesky contractions stay away at least for another 12 weeks or so - or even more would be better. I totally understand what you mean about wanting the mental stimulation as much as even the money. I think both are needed for survival mode, LOL! I think that's the only reason I wanted to get stuff rolling for a room for Spot - that's about as mentally stimulating as I can get these days. Don't worry about not having a room for the roomie yet - I think you are doing an awesome job giving the roomie a great place to hang out already - you're doing so much to keep them safe already. Now that's my idea of a great "room."
Hugs :-)

Oh yeah...I hope you have the most boring week ever - spent entirely off of your couch :-)