Friday, August 29, 2008

Biting Sara's numbers post

  • Days on hospital bedrest - 13
  • Number of tests given this week that came back negative - 2 (no gestational diabetes for me!)
  • Number of holes on my arms from IV's, shots and blood draws in the last 4 days - 10 (ouch)
  • Number of times I have had a repeat nurse in 2 weeks - 4 (there must be an army of them)
  • Number of weeks till I breath a little easy - 2
  • Number of times a day the roomie goes on the monitor - 3
  • Number of decelerations he had this week during the monitor that almost gave me a freaking heart attack - 1
  • Maximum number of contractions I can have in an hour before someone rushes in with a needle for of crap that makes me feel like shit - 6
  • Number of times my 10 year old niece went to the salad bar while visit over a 2 day period - 4 (veg junkie)
  • Number of little knitted dolls I have knocked out so far - 4
  • Number of times a day I through a wet towel over my face while napping to fend of the procardia rush - 2 to 3
  • Number of totally rad ladies who have written to me with word of encouragement and stories of success - A lot, enough to make me feel some ease.

Writing this blog and participating in the MA Yahoo group has done more for my sanity than I think I can ever really even know. I haven't had the energy to follow all of you back to your blogs, so I can reciprocate the love, but I hope I can soon. Problem is I need to be on my back to type... And being on my back increases my contractions... So I'll have to focus on the one-handed side type:) I am getting better at it.


May said...

No worries re: reciprocating. I haven't updated my blog in months. You kind of run out of stuff to say once you stop trying to have any/more kids.

I'm delighted you passed your three hour glucose and the 24 hour urine. I, too, failed my one-hour glucose but passed the three- in the words of my nurse, "by the skin of (my) teeth." Whew!

Regarding nurses- see it the charge nurse takes requests. I started finding out the work schedules of my favorite nurses and sending requests to the charge nurse that they be assigned to me.

Ouch on all the stabs! You can ask the phlebotomists if they can use the butterfly needles- I found them less painful.

And of course, please feel free to ask me to stop dispensing advice. I just like to try and help other bedresters benefit from the stuff I learned.

sara said...

Ahhh - I loved reading your numbers post there girl! But I wish it was like: number of times I sipped a fruity drink on the beach today - 3. Number of times the hot muscular men carrying towels on the beach came to offer me a dry one - 4. Number of times I jumped into the swimming pool today - 6. All right I'll stop - I am just trying to make you smile, but hopefully it didn't make you want to toss me overboard, LOL! The cool washcloth is a good idea - I'll have to try. I'm sorry about the scary decel. I'm hoping it's the last you'll ever witness. But the best thing I heard was you saying you knocked that 3 hr glucose test out of the park- that's my make me so proud!! Hugs...

scarredbellybutton said...

Oh hon, you look miserable!

Sugar and Ice said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the bedrest! Hopefully, the next two week swill pass by quickly and without too much excitement!!

sara said...

According to my little ticker on my page - we're in the double digits instead of the triple digits until we're due! Congrats! (I think mine says 98 days or something like that - and I know you're right by me.) Not that I think about December - the thought of a December baby makes me roll my eyes. But it's still an accomplishment for us both to be in the double digits instead of over 100 days left. Hope you're hanging in there okay this weekend. I'm thinking of you. ((hugs))

Martha said...

Sending some ((Hugs)) and hoping everyday is better for you. Please take good care and sending my best from Southern California.