Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday to Thursday - Week one down

It has been one week since we got a round of steroids, one week since I was admitted into the hospital, one week since DH and I did the smartest thing ever in our whole lives by leaving that horrendous hospital, those incompetent Peri's and those inattentive OB's. I can't say what the future would have been, but I shutter to think what may have happened if we had stayed.

Today was not without its trials. I guess Thursdays are just not for me. I woke up after a bad dream, of which I remember little, except the presence of a very, very small baby.

My contractions are being controlled by a medication called Pro.cardia. But for the last 48 hours I was also taking a med called Indo.cin because the Pro.cradia was not quite cutting it and my blood pressure was too low to up the dose. So they added this other drug that I could only take fro 48 hours. That meant that this morning at 6 am I was being "turned loose" again to see if the Pro.cardia alone could control my badly behaved Ute. It was not a good way to start the day.

I was also supposed to me kept company today by my father-in-law and sister-in-law in the absence of DH, who's day was filled with meetings and preparations for a floor refinish. I like my in-laws, but I find that visitors other than DH or my folks can cause my uterus to become more irritable. I was just upset about having them with me, worried I would not be comfortable, that I would have to entertain them. They are great, but no replacement for the comfort of a husband or mom.

So all this came to a teary head once compounded by a phone call from the devil itself: my insurance company. They have been fighting my doctors for a week now on progesterone shots. I was handling the call pretty well till the lady on the end of the line digressed into the same crap that the doctors at the last hospital pulled on me over and over. "Well, you have no history of preterm labor or second trimester loss. Without a history, there is no indication that you should be treated." My standard response is, " So basically you are telling me I have to loose this baby and them you'll prescribe progesterone for my next pregnancy?" They are all total politicians when responding to me, cleverly playing a game with semantics to relieve their own guilt so they can rest easy tonight. This near word for word conversation with the insurance witch was a flashback to the trauma of last week, and finally through me into a sobbing tailspin.

So imagine this. Me, strapped to the bed with a monitor and leg compression boots. Crying furiously. Running out of crappy hospital tissues and ringing the nurse for more crappy tissues. Nurse arrives stunned to find me in hysterics. She asks what it is. It takes me four tries to say the word "insurance" so that she can understand me. She gets me tissues, a cold compress and consoles me by agreeing with how evil insurance is. Cancel the visit from SIL & FIL. Turn on the "mom-signal." Everything calms down as I catch my breath and watch "Tom and Jerry." Take a quick nap as the cartoon music reminds me of spend a sick-day at my grandparents house.

For all of the upset, the Peri's here have now decided that I don't need the progesterone. They feel bedrest and meds to control the contractions is enough for now, and I feel comfortable with that. I love, love, love my doctors here. The doctor I see the most is a resident. She is amazing, attentive, concerned, proactive and willing to fight for me. The issue now is that I still need an OB practice to pick me up and none will because I am a risk. I am fine, actually pleased, to stay with the general practice here at the hospital. Problem is that they primarily handle underserved populations, typically on medicaid. They do not take my insurance, which is thought to be one of the better ones (ha, ha.) So now we are facing the issue if my insurance is going to pay for my stay here (gasp!) My doctor assured me not to worry. She says we will probably get some scary bills in the mail, but that the hospital will duke it out for us. She really just does not want me handling it or worrying about it.

What a mess!!
But the boy is doing great and we are both safe.
In the end, I don't care about anything but cooking him as long as I can.
And the rest will just be what it will be.

I am now told I will be here for the "long haul." Four weeks was just a silly dream.


Kim said...

What a crap day. I got a huuuuuge stack of bills from the hospital and doctors and didn't have to pay any of them in the end. It took some doing, but it all go sorted out. Sorry to hear that your insurance company is being so awful. For us it was the hospital billing people.

I really hope Friday is a better day.

G said...

Oh hun, I so wish you were close. Seriously even if you were like 4 hours away, I would head over to sit with you.

Dont worry about all the insurance stuff, you can fight that after the boy is here and safe.

Thinking of you

Neenie/PawsNY said...

I too have bawled on the phone and wanted to kill myself over insurance coverage and junk while I was in the hospital. They didnt want to cover my terbutaline (same as procardia) but didn't tell me until AFTER I had been on it for over a month. Whatever- the stress you have to go through with them, during this difficult time for you is unfair and a crock of bullcrap. Let someone else make the calls. Even though it passes time, you still want to freak out and explode!
I know you're in there for the long haul. They will keep you there as long as they have to and I promise you- it is hard but in a weird way, you will get 'used' to your new temporary home. You may even miss it when you get discharged! And yes that day WILL come! I swear- it gets boring...there's only so much tv you can watch and only so much internet to explore, but you will get though it. I wish I could come visit you and keep you some company!
Day by day....inch by inch....and you will get there mommy!!!

jenn said...

oh wow! long haul, eh? I'm so sorry!
The roomie better behave, well- the ute better anyway!
I'm so glad you are liking it there- I LOVE them! I wish the OB practice could/would take you. They are also amazing.
Insurance just sucks. I have the crappiest kind, but at least i haven't had to fight them on anything yet... i just know they don't cover shit!
I hope that things calm down & you don't get too bored...hang in there!

sara said...

Oh M...I'm sorry sweetie. That sounds like a day no one should have to go through. I so wish that we were closer in location to one another - not sure what I would do if we were, but I feel like I could do something then. The insurance portion you mentioned makes me want to scream! The first week or two has got to be the worst - and on top of it you have to deal with stuff like that. Things will get better, I know it, even though it's got to be hard to see that right now.

If it makes you feel better, I love me a little Tom and Jerry too. Must be the nostalgia - but I think it shows what a kick ass mama you are :-) Lots of hugs to you...for what it's worth! And I hope today is the start to a much better week ahead for you all. You almost to September and the flipping of a whole new month closer as well.

Valerie said...

Found you through the lost and found and just wanted to say hi and that I am thinking good thoughts for you. I hate insurance companies!!!

CTagsGirl said...

You've been in my thoughts a TON this week. I'm so thankful to hear that you've found a medical team that's ready to be very aggressive about taking care of you and your precious little boy. As the other ladies have said, I'd be there in a heartbeat if I lived closer.

I can't even comment on the insurance issue without getting mad. The system is SO broken.

Thank you for taking time to comment on my diagnosis dilemma even though you've got a million more important things to focus on. You are an amazing woman, and you're going to be an even more amaging MOMMY. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

If I were closer (& really, could I be any further away?) I would absolutely come visit you & probably elicit some violent acts on insurance idiots.

nutmeg96 said...

I hate insurance companies. And how are your contractions not evidence of preterm labor? Uuuugh. That kind of thing makes my blood boil.

Mel said...

I have been checking in on you regularly.. I am so glad to read that you guys are at a better hospital and getting the care you deserve. You've been on my heart and I hope things are going well... *hugs*