Monday, September 1, 2008

The Crappiest of Crappy Days

(I'm dictating to DH -- I finally had to let him into my secret world.)

After breakfast they put me on 20 minutes of the heart monitor. At the very end of my session the roomie's heartbeat deceled for about 4 minutes. My room was turned upside down by an army of nurses and my favorite doctor. They put me on oxygen and place a new IV for fluids. I was warned by the doctor that if this continues that I should be prepared for emergency C-section. She told me that it would happen very fast and there would be a lot of confusion. After the decel ended I was placed on continuous monitoring and I was taken off food and drink in case I would need general anesthesia.

DH and my mom arrived quickly and things settled down for a little while. Then my contractions started up and I had to get another shot of Terb.

We're all finding the continuous monitor to be unbearably stressful, anticipating having to call for the nurse when his heartbeat decels. We had one scare after the morning, but it was short-lived. For now his heartbeat looks great despite the fact that he moves so damn much that it's impossible to keep him on.

I can deal with the contractions. I can deal with the drugs. But listening to his heartbeat go down makes me feel too out of control. It appears to have been an isolated event, that he may have just squeezed the cord himself but it looks like I'll have to be monitored for a while. Bummer.

DH is spending the night in a very uncomfortable recliner but I'm grateful for the company cuz I love him like crazy.


orodemniades said...

The Chieftain also had heart decels which led to me having an emergency c-section. In my case, his decels were because the umbilical cord was wrapped around his throat (apparently common, but geez), so I am grateful about the c-section.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Anne Marie said...

Prayers, good thoughts coming your way from Michigan!

G said...

Oh hun, how stressful :( I am thinking of you and the babe (and the husband!). In fact, just as I got back in connectivity land, I came to check on you here.

Big hugs, love and prayers.

May said...

Ahh, continuous monitoring... I'm so sorry! It makes my back hurt just reading your post. It sounds like you and your docs and nurses are doing everything exactly right, which is unfortunately all anyone can do right now. But, you've got those steroids on board, and you're getting ever closer to that magical 28 week mark! Try and hang in there! I'm thinking about you guys tonight and hoping you just have a roomie in there squeezing that cord for some extra attention.

andrea said...

Ohhhh - I'm so sorry about the scare. I hope it's an isolated event. My friend dealt with decels a lot during her twin pregnancy - then they saw that one of her boys was actually punching at the cord on u/s!!! (she also had several times where they put her on warning for an emergency c-section...she, like you was admitted in the hospital at 23+ weeks, and despite each new crisis she made it to 29). I really hope you can buy some more time - hang in there!!!

susanna said...

hey sweetie. so glad jeremy is there. we're right there with you.
s + a

Anonymous said...

Oh no, you poor thing, unbelievable stress. I hope the decels were a fluke not to be repeated.

jenn said...

Oh hon- I am so sorry for your crazy day- I can't even begin to imagine how stressful that must be!
I am sending all the positive thoughts & prayers I have for you right now. I hope that everything continues to look good with the roomie & he doesn't have any more episodes! He could use a little more cooking!
Hang in there.

amylynn said...

Meredith- I think about you every morning when I get up. I know this must be so scary. I'm praying for your little dude to keep that heartrate going strong.

I Believe in Miracles said...

Here from Sara's blog.
I hope you can hang in there some more. You are so brave!! Good luck.

sara said...

I'm so sorry sweetie. I will keep you and the roomie (and your husband) in my thoughts and prayers. I'm hoping that today went better and he was just pulling on his cord yesterday - but I can't even imagine how stressful this all has been for you. You nailed it when you said that when they talk about the baby being under distress - the worry is totally different than when the worry just involves ourselves. Just goes to show what a good mom you are already and how much you are already doing to keep your son safe. There isn't anything you wouldn't do to keep him safe and you should be so proud of yourself. I know I am proud of you (hugs)

battynurse said...

Coming over from Sara's blog to say hi. I hope your little one doesn't do that decel thing again. That would be scary. I'm sorry your dealing with all of this (and from previous posts stupid doctors too who wouldn't treat you and sent you home). Sending many positive thoughts that you will be in the hospital for a good while yet.

Mel said...

Sending hugs and good thoughts your way... you have been through the wringer this past month, I cannot imagine.
Keep hope and when you can't, we'll do it for you. ;)