Thursday, September 4, 2008

Week Three - Hospital Bedrest

Taking a quiet morning to sit up a bit and post. I am sure my contractions will act up soon, but I have a moment of reprieve... and it is all mine...

I wanted to send a reminder to all you bedrest mama's out there to order your absentee ballots for the fall election. That darn election is closer than you might think... and whether you are still incubating a little one bedside, or caring for a newborn, getting to the polls might be hard this year.... There. I have done my civic duty for the year.

It was a rough week. The ups and downs of this whole experience have been so severe - ranging from complete terror to boring calm to emotionally draining. Yesterday, just looking at the hospital menu through me into tears. I am so sick of the food. Even with my mother keeping homemade goodies in the fridge, if I have to look at that nasty menu one more time I think my head is going to spin off. Quite literally. One of my lady friends is on her way over to rescue me with a vegetarian sushiroll lunch! YEAH!!!

We got through the decel episode, which appears to have been a total fluke. I dread being put on the fetal heart monitor, which is done three times a day. The nurses tend to forget they have hooked me up and I am stuck listening to the roomie flutter and beat for a half hour, rather than the prescribed 20 minutes. I have taken to removing myself if it goes to long, or telling them I need to go to the bathroom. But I suspect they see through my antics. I do have the contraction monitor on at all times, leaving a permanent indentation in my belly. I mind it less.

My doctor gave me some news yesterday that I am trying desperately not to get too excited about: seems they may release me to home bedrest at 28 week if my condition stays stable. I fear that this news could be both conjecture on the residents part, or an omen that something dreadful will surely happen in the next week and a half. But I would love, love, love to be at home, in my own bed, with DH and my kitties. I would love to hear the bustle of the neighborhood kids out for recess at the school across the street. I would love to eat "real" food." Being at home also scares the shit out of me. But I know they will make the best decision for me and the roomie. And I know I won't have to do anything I am not comfortable with.

So today closes week three in the hospital. I have heard some amazing stories from the nurses about women who have endured far more than I have on this journey. So I will just be thankful that I can still get up to go to the bathroom, that I can still take a shower, that I have so far avoided the dreaded mag sulfate. Despite how much it sucks to be here, I have it pretty good.

Well - just had a contraction, so I better get on my side and see if my ute will chill. Thanks again to all of you for your wonderful support and kind words. Waking up to a 10 new comments on a post really does a lot to brighten my day. And especially to Sara, who is my super-champ-hero-due-date twin. Reading her blog is like looking in a mirror.

Here is a picture of me and my beloved Bennie-Bo-Bo who I miss dreadfully. I keep trying to bribe DH to smuggle him into the hospital, but he won't do it:(


Kim said...

Thank goodness the heart decel was just a scare! I hope you get released to home at 28 weeks - hospitals are a drag.

jenn said...

I really hope that you get let out for good ute behavior!!!

Just let me know if you have a good day. And what kind of food would make you the happiest...

(so glad the decel was a fluke- glad my little mental chat with the roomie worked!)

K77 said...

Very glad you're ok and the roomie is still on board! Thank goodness the decel seems to have been a one-off.

If I lived near you I would totally smuggle your kitty in for you.

sara said...

Hoping that the vegetarian sushi roll rocked and that you had no more icky decels. I am so hoping that at 28 wks they release you home and that you are stable at that time. Let's try to devise a plan to convince your hubby to smuggle in that cute kitty in the meantime, okay? We'll have to really up the anty and pull out all the stops to convince you husband - but let's try, LOL! I agree with K - if I lived closer and wasn't ducktaped to the couch - I would totally do it for you sweetie. ((hugs))