Saturday, September 13, 2008

Breaking free

After a digital exam at 5:56 am, I have been cleared for release from the hospital. I have been here for one month and 2 days and am 28 weeks + 1 . Horray! I will remain on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy - but at home!!! I am hopeful that I can clear 30 weeks, and can't help but look forward to 32, 34, 36 and beyond!

Life from my own bed will be much more tolerable. I will have the company of my furry companions, the comfort of my bed, and no more dealing with the constant interuptions from doctors and nurses at ungodly hours. I know they are doing their job, but sleeping has become a real task... even napping is mostly impossible. What I won't miss the most is the constant contraction monitor attached to my belly, and the near-perminent indent it leaves in my skin. I also won't miss the stress of listening to the heartbeat for 20 minute intervals, 3 times a day. I know a lot of people find this comforting, but I find it terribly stressful. Feeling him kick is good enough for me. Those moments that he goes off the monitor, or decels for even a few seconds, making me almost jump out of my skin. Goodbye TOCO, goodbye HB monitor!!!!

Then, of course, there is curling up with DH in bed. I am not much of a cuddler, but I want to just be wrapped up in him tonight. That is home.

I also had an anatomy scan yesterday. The roomie is 2 lb 14 ounces - a number I guessed, on the nose, the night before. He is in the 61st percentile. I am so proud! We'll forget he got steroids 4 weeks ago and just chalk his weight up to the one thing my body appears to be doing right. Joy!


My warmest wishes to my dear pal Sara who is coming down off too many days on the mag. My hope for her is a smooth transition back on to the procardia and a chance to get back home for a few weeks.
Hang tough, girlfriend. You and Spot are rocking the 28 week house.

BELOW: TOCO (contraction monitor) & TOCO imprint. Bugger, I hate that thing.


jenn said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you! Enjoy your stay at home & sleeping, eating & the 100 different things you couldn't do in the hospital! I'm so happy for you & glad that the roomie is chugging along just fine! Here's to 36 & beyond!

CTagsGirl said...

That is the best news I've heard in a loooong time! I'm beyond happy for you, M. Sounds like roomie is already an over-achiever. :) Enjoy every moment of home time...and congrats on 28 +1. *hugs*

G said...

YAY!!! So glad you are breaking out :)

Antigone said...


Another Dreamer said...

That is so great that you get to go home!

sara said...

Nothing makes me happier to hear this - and I really mean that. I hope that toco monitor doesn't enter your vision until you are in full labor at full term with the roomie! Now your job is to curl up with those kitties, and get spoiled rotten. You have given new meaning to what a mom is willing to do to keep her child safe...the roomie is one lucky duck to have you for a mom. Be proud mama...I sure am of you!

Martha said...

That's great news and I wish you, DH, and Roomie all the best. Enjoy the peace and quiet, thank you for the update.

Meg said...

Wonderful news! I bet you kitties are keeping you quite warm. Hello Netflix!

scarredbellybutton said...

I'm so pleased you will have the comfort of your own home and bed. I think your uterus needs to go chat to JessM's and make it past 40wks after all the trouble it's put you through.