Thursday, September 25, 2008

T, T, Letter T, What begins with T?

Trouble (contractions upticked last night after dinner)
Triage (as in prenatal, where I landed my ass this morning)
Terbutiline (the shake-bomb that seems to flat-line my contractions in no time)

Released already. Starting to contract already. A little.

Had a positive fFN test. I know a positive is not a "true predictor" but I am still freaked. Was really hoping to skip the NICU all together.

Ever had a positive fFN and still carry for another 7 weeks? Is that possible?


G said...


Hang in there hun. You are in my thoughts.


heather moore said...

I haven't have a + FFN but keep in mind they aren't a for sure deal. My MFM doc said it (a +) gives you a 60% chance of delivering in the next 2 weeks but having a shortened cervix gives you a 60% chance of delivering before 32 weeks so having a + FFN and a shortened cervix doesn't mean you have a 120% chance of delivering early.

Also, I was just reading about different things that can throw them off - I'd have to look again to find the details.

Hang in there. Stay away from the contrax. Lay down, drink up, relax and take some anti-anxiety drugs. You're close sister! Prayers for a calm uterus and no more contractions!!!

jenn said...

God hun- I am thinking all the positive 'stay the heck in there for the next 2 months Roomie' thoughts & vibes for you. Hang in there- I hope it all calms down & you have more excrutiatingly boring weeks of bedrest in your future.

May said...

Ahh, the terb... Feels like 20 shots of espresso, doesn't it?

Oral terbutaline worked for me... for a while. Then I started to break through and they upped the dose. Then I broke through some more. Eventually I landed back in the hospital on IV mag sulfate for another... hmmm... seven weeks? With regular injections of terbutaline, just for additional fun. So, yes, you can certainly make it, but more extreme measures may be necessary. Has anyone mentioned nifedipine to you yet? I found it to be much more effective at controlling my contractions while on bedrest at home than the terb.

battynurse said...

Yes it is possible. There was a blog I followed about a year ago where she had positive FFN test at like 24 or 27 weeks and she carried until 37 weeks. I hope you've still got a few more weeks.

Another Dreamer said...

I don't know anything about it, but you're in my thoughts.
I hope you make it the 7 weeks.

scarredbellybutton said...

Hoping it's a false positive.

Lisa Sanders said...

I had preterm labor with my first two pregnancies, but we caught it early enough and were able to control. With this pregnancy, I had contractions starting at 17 weeks and at 29 weeks I received a positive ffn test result. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant. I am on oral terb 5mg every 4 hours. Also, I had my first baby 5 weeks early and was in the hospital prior to that, so we missed the classes. You will be fine. The nurses are fantastic and tell you exactly what to do. Hope this helps!