Monday, September 8, 2008

Bed Rest | Weight Loss

I suspect this post will get a lot of grumbles, but I have a bit of a problem. I am loosing weight, not gaining. I don't really have any to loose. I even had to put my wedding band on a necklace because it won't stay on my finger. I am kind of at my wits end and don't really need one more thing to worry about.

I was weighted a month ago and was 135. I lost about 10 pounds in early pregnancy due to extreme nausea and vomiting, so I started low. Well, after a few weeks of asking, I finally harassed one of the nurses to walk me to the scale on Saturday. I am 133 pounds. That is a 2 lb loss over 4 weeks. The roomie is fine. His growth is on target and my aversion to food does not seem to be effecting him. Clearly, that is the most important thing.

So here is the deal.
  • I am not nauseous, I am just not hungary
  • I am in the hospital and hospital food sucks
  • My mom stocks the floor fridge for me, but sometime I don't know what is in there so I don't know to ask for it
  • C.arnation I.nstant B.reakfast, E.nsure and the like upset my digestion terribly, adding insult to injury. The prospect of terminal diarrhea makes food even less appealing
  • Laying in bed 24 hours a day makes me want to eat healthy, because I already feel like crap. I crave things like watermelon and vegetarian sushi. Not exactly weight gainers.
  • I just, plain don't have an appetite

So if anyone has suggestions, I am all ears. I am so tired of the nurses telling me how tiny I am, or saying things like, "I wish I weighted that much, and your 6 months pregnant..." It is not like I want this.

Otherwise, things have been eerily quiet for the past 4-5 days. My meds have been doing a stellar job holding back the contractions. I have not had to have the terb for a week!!! Horray! Rumor on the floor is I may go home at 28 weeks, which would be friday or saturday. Problem is sometimes they won't release you on the weekend because the Chief is not here. So I am going to beg like hell for friday. I think I would do better at home. I think my appetite would be better, my mood better, everything... just better.

Here is a belly pic. 27 weeks.


G said...

I have no assvice on the weight, cept pistacchios. PisNATChios.


sara said...

Alright - I'm putting on my thinking hat for you sweetie. I like your picture - I won't chime in with "you look too tiny, or gosh you are lucky" because I know that's not what you need right now. But I have to say I do love your tiny little belly, only because it's kept my belly company lately (at least in spirit). I do hope that things turn around quickly though for you and that you are back home at the end of the week. As you said - I think being home will help like 10 different things, and your appetite and having more of the food you need or actually sounds good to you will be one of those many things - just like you said. I'm trying to think of things that settle well for me that are good nutrition wise, actually taste good, and are portable. Still thinking of you more than you know...hugs...

sara said...

Hmmm, are you sick of peanut butter and jelly? For some reason that's been one of my mainstays whether on a sandwich or english muffin lately. (J or your mom could bring one from home with your favorite brands?) Good protein and some calories in the peanut butter at least - and not dairy. Do hard boil eggs sit good? (Not sure if that's part of the icky dairy for ya). Does guacamole (like on chips, or pita bread or veggies) settle good or is something you like? Has some good fat and protein and kind of portable. Sorry for my rambling - seems like a lot of good protein and higher fat stuff is dairy - which I know doesn't set the best understandably. I'm still thinking...

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I only gained abou 12 pounds when I was pregnant with my twins (I delivered at 31 weeks). No one was concerned about it because they were gaining fine. I also lost about 10 pounds in the first trimester. I didn't mind the ensure's so I drank those a lot, epecially when I was in the hosptial on bedrest. I was hungry again around 29 weeks and was able to eat up until I delivered. I did love cottage cheese near the end. The best for me was to have people bring me take out (pizzas, Olive Garden to go, etc). I craved restaurant food. I ate a lot of pasta too. The hosptial food was gross but their sweets weren't too bad!

Good luck and hang in there!

Andrea said...

My Dr. said that bedrest does make weight gaining more difficult. I forget the physiological science behind it, but just that he said it was the nature of the beast. In any event, I hope your appetite improves! Every week conquered is like another marathon down! Keep up the great work.

jenn said...

hmmm- I don't know about the food- but howabout a couple smoothies with some hiden protein powder or (dare I say) instant breakfast type stuff mixed in? How about some other kinds of restaurant food- mixed veggie stir-fry, salads with egg/dressing/something with a lot of protein mixed in?

I'm so excited if you get to leave ealry- you will definitely have to send me your address (if it doesn't creep you out!) so I can either bring or send my little care package. Most of it works for home or hospital...

So glad the roomie is doing so well. (& sorry you are stuck with crappy hospital food & weight loss- I really hope you get to go home so it gets better!)

MrsSpock said...

At the hospital I worked at, we had Magic Cups. Basically ice cream that was fortified, for those folks we couldn't get to drink the revolting E.nsure, but who would eat ice cream.

Could your visitors bring you a lovely restaurant meal a few nights a week?

Can you keep a list at your bedside of what's in the fridge, and then add or subtract to it as she brings stuff in or you eat it?

Healthy food with more calories: avocados (I think someone suggested guacamole- maybe with those yummy multigrain tortilla chips?), full-fat dairy, full-fat granola, nuts to snack on, dried fruit (more calorie dense than fresh)

Could you have a tea-time twice a day for a little treat and something nice and non-caffeinated to drink, like milk-tea, coffee, or cocoa?

Elizabeth said...

oh I feel for you - I'd say go with your cravings, I mean watermelon will keep you hydrated and who knows, could pique your appetite.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry, seriously. The roomie will take what he needs from you.

You look tiny and cute, like Sara :) Certainly not unhealthy or anything.

Yay for the ctx backing off and the possibility of going home soon!