Monday, September 15, 2008

Home sweet home

I am so grateful to be at home finally. I don't know what it is... the loss of the toco, that canyon of a hospital bed, the constant taking of vitals, or the icky food - but I feel so much better here at home. I am having considerably fewer contractions, unless of course, I am just not noticing them. My hips are sore at night from the switch back to our bed, but I think I found the right pillow combo last night. The only problem is that at night, I am getting dizzy and winded from the meds. My mom and I were figuring that I am more relaxed at home, dropping my blood pressure even further. Needless to say, it is a little upsetting to be dizzy when you are already on your side. I know there is some risk if my BP really bails, so I hope to get some answers to solve this soon. Perhaps even spacing my meds out an extra hour. It is tricky, because I often break through with contractions right before my last dose. Double edged sword.

I see my new doctor this evening (I had to find another doc to be my primary who delivers at my new hospital and takes my insurance.) I called for an appointment this morning and spoke to the kindest of all receptionists ever. They could just squeeze me in on wednesday - which was terribly inconvenient because I have already patched together a couple friends to babysit me while DH is at work. I was a little upset to ask them to also haul me to the doctor. But a few minutes later the kindest receptionist ever called back with a cancellation for this evening!!! Awesome. So hopefully the doc can give some insight as to what I should do when I feel woosy.

DH has been pulling off some extreme patience with me. Our house has only one bath on the second floor, and since I am not allowed to take the steps but once a day, I am stuck in the bedroom. So he and my mom have been carting my meals up on a beautiful old tray that belonged to my favorite grandmother. They have also been eating up here in the bedroom with me so I don't feel left out. I feel pangs of guilt every time I ask for something, but he dutifully retrieves my every request. I do worry a smidge about meal planning in general. I wake up in the morning and often think about the day as a whole - breakfast, lunch, dinner. Does anything need to come out of the freezer? Do I need to run to the store and how does that fit into my day? DH is more of a "figure out what to cook right before you cook it" kinda guy. But I think my mom will deliver enough pre-made stuff that it should be easy enough for him. He has a lot on his plate: work, taking care of me and dealing with a minor house emergency that is brewing (our soil pipe busted and will cost in the thousands to fix... ugh). So I just want it to all be easy for him.

My Mom has me stocked with luxury foods. Quiche, homemade breads and jams, cupcakes, apple cake, mashed potatoes, fresh salad from her garden, homemade tomato sauce from the garden.... ahhhhhh. Good thing to be on bedrest in the early fall. I am reaping the benefits of the late season. Grapes, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, basil... They only thing I wish I had, and I think they are done growing, is the string beans. Oh well. I am so spoiled. She also makes me homemade buttermilk pancakes with fresh sliced peaches. Have I got the best Mom, or what?

The roomie has been super active lately - to the point it is a little disturbing. Especially at night, when i wake up to go the the potty or take my meds. He is making getting back to sleep pretty hard. He can still pack a punch - enough that it actually makes me jump. It used to be I could put DH's hand on my belly and he would stop. But he is a fearless, near-three-pounder, who has grown accustomed to his fathers hand. Darn. But I often find and active day is followed by a quiet day, so hopefully tomorrow he will chill.

And we finally have a name. But you'll have to just wait cuz we're not telling till he is here.

BELOW: Snacktime with DH = Havarti with dill, crackers and fresh tomatoes from the garden. Lots of yarn and felting supplies tale up the rest of the bed. I am challenging myself with some more complicated knitting.


G said...

Yay! So glad you made it back home. Now hand over the havarti and no one will get hurt.

jenn said...

I am so so glad you are home! Don't you worry about inconveniencing anyone- believe me- I'm sure your friends are dying to help out in any way they can! (if your appointment was tomorrow I would just bring you with me - unless you aren't going to A)
I do still have a little care package for you- let me know if you want me to drop it off or mail it... ;o)

Anonymous said...

So glad you're home. Can I borrow your mom sometime?

sara said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're home and doing a little better - your mom sounds awesome. It's no wonder you are already a great mom for the Roomie, you had a good role model to follow :-)

sara said...

Not sure if I commented here or not - but I'm so glad you're at home. The photo of the cheese leaves me drooling, it looks so good! You have worked so hard - I am so happy to hear you're home at last. I hope the kitties are curled up around you and yes...your mom sounds awesome! No wonder you've already been such a good mom for the Roomie. You had a good example to follow :-)