Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Something new

When I eat something, it slowly finds its way back up till it is siting at the back of my throat. GERD! Yuck!


sara said...

Sorry about the GERD there, that's never a pleasant thing to discover! I think when you have to rest and not be up also due to stuff like your contractions, it makes the GERD worse :-( But hopefully it won't last too long. Hang in there girl - I'm thinking about you :-)

Meg said...

Ugh. What helps?? I guess you should eat whatever you do not mind tasting a little of again ;)

sara said...

Hope your reflux is doing better this weekend- and that all is quiet on the contraction front. I'll have to drop you an email later and see how you're doing...I've been thinking of you a ton and as always, worrying my little head off about my favorite girl! (that would be you silly :-)