Friday, July 4, 2008

A little overachieving.

This a a very "pregnancied-out" post. So if you need to take a pass, dat's cool.

So my underachieving Ute has decided to move ahead of the game. I am not sure if this makes it an overachiever as it tries to be like the big guys, or if doing all this too early makes it an underachiever... Who knows. But here is the deal...

About a week ago I noticed a strange tightening sensation in my abdomen. It seemed to go away pretty quickly and was not painful so I just let it go. I meant to ask the nurse practitioner about it over the phone, but got distracted on another topic.

So yesterday I am lounging on the couch - reclined on my back. I feel the tightening again and look down to see my abdomen swollen, hard and kind of pointy. Ewww. Weird. When I stand, or even sit up, it goes nearly undetected, both visually and in terms of sensation. At this point I am pretty sure it is a Braxton Hicks contraction - but I don't want to get into a frenzy. So I tried to be better about drinking water.

Reading in bed last night, again - on my back, I get the same thing. Then again in bed this morning. I start wondering if this is all occurring too soon. I start scanning the books - BH are not really mentioned till the third trimester in any of them. I only have my pinky toe in the second trimester??? I try to call the doctor. Ummm, it is a holiday. So what do I do? Hit up the ladies on the MA boards, who naturally, provide me with excellent advise!!! Seems all is ok. Your ute actually starts having these as early as 6 weeks, you don't feel it. I will just make sure they do not become too frequent, not painful and I will drink more water since dehydration is a factor.

On the good, no great, side of my overly sensitive ute - I have been feeling movement for over a week now! I have been pretty sure all along that is what it was. I have even figured out when I am going to feel it (like after dinner) and what position to be in to feel it best. This morning DH had a really great show while we were just getting ready to get up. I can't believe the roomie can already make a kick strong enough for DH to feel. I had no clue this could happen this early!! He is so excited to be able to feel it. I think it makes it all more real for him.

Hope everyone has a great 4th weekend...


jenn said...

Tell the Ute to tak it easy! No need to rush to make up for lost time!

Seriously- I hope that staying hydrated helps. Maybe you should hold off on some of those around the house handywoman things... I have heard that overdoing it can really bring them on.

But YAY for feeling movement & the hubby getting to too! That does seem pretty early, but you are probably all baby in the tum, right? That's how my cousin was & she could feel & then ~see~ movement pretty darn early.

Enjoy your fourth- yup- the hub only likes the girly malt beverages- smirnoff ice & the new mojito things... They are way too sweet for me! I know the 6 pack store guy thinks it's reversed & I always want to justify it- but these are for him!

(and it is nice to be positive, but really scary at the same time- thank you for all your wonderful comments & for being so supportive!)

sara said...

Oh Ute - you better leave my friend Meredith alone! That's cool that the girls on the MA site could be helpful, because when I was reading your post I would think they were contractions. But that's only because I'm clueless and I've never been through any of this before :-) I'm so glad that it's not something too much to worry about, but it probably still makes you feel really weird when it happens, huh? I found that if I have a full bladder I get all kind of weird cramps and tightening so I wonder if that would help too - lots of water and lots of peeing so your bladder isn't too full? I have no clue - that's just my inexperienced assvice talking :-)

Thanks for sharing the story about your grandfather with me as well - that was really cool to hear! I hope you are having a great fourth of July weekend - and the fact that your little one is moving must be so fun! I can't wait for mine to start. Is your husband really excited about the movement? You don't look too shabby yourself when you post pictures - I think you always look really cute and well put together. But thanks for the boost to my self esteem. My hairy legs sure appreciated that this morning reading that! I promise - I will do something about those today so I don't scare my husband into thinking his wife turned into Mrs. Bigfoot or the Hairy Monster, LOL! Hope that ute of yours was a little quieter today...I think it's an over acheiever - not an underachiever.