Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All freaked out

I thought I was doing ok yesterday. But now I am all freaked out. My OB basically just reiterated what the triage doc said: that the contractions are not producing a chance in the cervix so I should just say quiet for the rest of the week and see them for another manual check. I was able to twist her arm into writing me a script for another transvag ultrasound for a cervical length - but I need to call for the appointment - which means they may not see me for another week. If I get too freaked out, I am prepared to exaggerate my symptoms to go to triage again and then demand an ultrasound.

Their explanation on meds I find more satisfying. They only want to use meds as a last resort, as do I. So at least for that we agree. But I still think I need better monitoring...

I am already exhausted with laying down. Not to mention it is starting to give me a headache. I am reclining while typing - the position that I can feel the contractions most while in. I am just had 2 in about 20 minutes - though milder than Monday's episode.

My little fella is still jumping around real nice like. For those annoying moments of getting hassled by him, I am quite grateful. He was a little quiet this morning and I started to freak. Then he had a total spazz after I got out of the shower.

In general, I just don't feel great. My appetite is poor, I feel a little nausea, I feel mentally exhausted. I keep thinking I just want DH to take me to my mom's. That way, I would be near a different hospital and know that I would have lots of good meals and central air - and a mom to wait on me. Now that his trip to India has officially been canceled, I think he is feeling really down. Add to it the pregnancy problems and the fact that he has to pick up all of the slack around here: laundry, food, etc. - Ugh. I have one miserable husband. I love him to death, but when I am not well he gets really upset - understandably. But his upset usually manifests in anger and frustration. I don't want him to feel bad, so I downplay stuff or don't ask if I need something. Yes, we have our little disfunctions just like everyone:)

Just wanted to update. I am hanging in there, even though I feel like my head may explode at any moment.


G said...

Go to Mom's and be pampered for a bit. Did you ever get a referral to a peri?

Quite literally M, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Last night I was sending you positive vibes right before I went to sleep. Hang in there hun.

PS - My husband is the same way when I am down and out. Silly boys.

admin said...

I got the referral - but they can not see me for two weeks.

Who regrets not changing docs right about now? I do. Buncha a-holes.

amylynn said...

M- So glad it's a little better and you are home. I am sending positive vibes and little prayers your way. My husband is the same way, it's sooo frustrating.

jenn said...

Gah!! So sorry about having to wait so long! If i gets any worse- at all- make a stink at the ER until they give you an u/s just to keep you quiet!
& go to mom's & get pampered. The hub is the same as yours- he can be as cranky sick as he wants, but the second I do the world falls apart.