Saturday, July 26, 2008

A very real fear sets in... UPDATE

I just got on-line and my home page (the N.Y.T.imes) pops up. Breaking coverage: 16 coordinated bombs are set off in an industrial city in India, killing 29 civilians. The same city my husband is setting off to in a mere 5 days. I am sitting here trying not to cry, and beg him to stay home. To top it off, he is taking 3 college students with him, each of which is watched over by a set of already anxious parents. He is emailing the Program Director, the Dean and his hosts in India right now.

I can not look at it logically. But this is obviously a very organized act of terr.or.ism. I would venture to say that a postponement is in order. I would think it similar to the attacks in M.adrid and L.ondon over the last few year. Let the dust settle... then go.



It looks like the trip will be canceled. It would take some extraordinary parents to allow their college kids to travel to a city that had just been attacked by terr.or.ists. I feel relieved, though sad for DH who was really looking forward to this adventure.


jenn said...

Oh hon- how very very scary!
I am sure that your hubby will do what is deemed the safest thing- I hope for your sake that that means postponing his trip, but I do understand your fear. It's all too real & frightening to be logical about sometimes.
[[hugs]] & hoping for the best!

G said...

egads! I hope they postpone, that is scary :( sorry Hun :(

sara said...

Oh girl, this has to be very scary to hear about. I'm sorry that your husband and you have to go through this worry. I definitely would not want mine to be going either in the same situation. I hope it gets postponed - a disappointed husband is bad to deal with - but I definitely want him to be safe. Sorry- this is truly a bummer! ((hugs))

Mel said...

I am so glad to read the update that this trip is going to be cancelled... that is absolutely terrifying-I cannot imagine what your heart was going through.