Monday, July 7, 2008


I love to see pictures of other people's business. So I decided to air more of mine here. Today, I reveal to you the level to which I am truly unprepared to have a kid. The room pictured below was meant to be a "studio" for DH and I when we bought the house. It has never been more than a hallway / closet / staging area for various construction projects. It is a mess. It is also supposed to be the room where the roomie will one day reside (gulp.) Sara inspired me to share when I spotted in the background of her lovely pictures a neatly ordered and finished home. Sometimes I can't believe how much craziness we have learned to tolerate in the renovation process.

Currently the room is stacked with beautiful, tiny, white, hexagonal tile and cement board - which by weeks end, may, or may not, be adhered to my bathroom floor - which is currently plywood. Once the bathroom is "done" we will refinished the floors in this room, and enclose it, creating a hall from the stairs to the bathroom - and a room for the roomie. DH thinks this will done before fall. That is laughable - especially since he will be in India for most of August..... We are so screwed.

Above is a rendering, although crude, to help you visualize our plans. Some day, I may have a picture of this room - fer real. But instead, I suspect the roomie will be rooming with us till the dust settles. Perhaps sleeping in a laundry basket beside the bed. Arg. Cash-poor. Old houses. The damn American Dream. Will our house ever be done??? Probably right before we sell it to move to the next dump.


OB appointment was great. She spent a lot of time with me, listening to my concern about the douche-bag Peri. She said she could refer me to another practice here in town. I like my OB - the Peri is the problem. So DH and I are tossing around staying here and not moving to the suburban practice as I had thought. I just keep thinking of all of the driving. And if we ever did have an emergency, getting all the way there could be hard. I don't know what to do.

How is it I live in the 5th largest city in the country (well 6th this year thanks to Phoenix) and seem so hard up to find the care I want?

Last, it seems the Ute is over-achieving. It is cresting nearly a finger-width above my belly-button. OB says most times it does not even reach the belly-button till 20 weeks. Big ol' Ute! Yer so crazy!


jenn said...

I absolutely love the sketch!

jenn said...

Thank you. I needed that today. I really hope I'm at the top of that list! {{{hugs}}}

sara said...

Aw, thanks for sharing the photos. I love seeing pictures - I get so darn excited! Your hardwood floors look gorgeous, and the sketch is really cool how you added that in. Thanks for thinking my house looked okay and organized...boy do I have you fooled! Just kidding! I hide everything in my basement - it looks like Hurricaine Katrina or an earthquake hit down there.

I'm so glad your OB is cool and that your ute is being an overachiever. That's awesome. What a wacky womb, huh? I still keep going back to look at your septate potato and laughing. I'll probably do that for some time too!

I'll have to drop you an email about my peri's partner sometime. I hate to write about it on my blog in case it falls into the wrong hands since I work with the group sometimes. But I'll just say that I understand your pain when it comes to crappy peris. I like mine, but the partner - hmmm I could say our utes are more normal than them!

scarredbellybutton said...

I've never renovated. I have no desire, plans, or need to renovate. Yet my house still looks to be in a similar state ;)

Sounds like you might need to be welcomed into the giant-freaky-baby club!